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Google Adsense pay out

Google has mailed me a pleasant surprise - money for my blog's AdSense. Something which I did not expect as putting ads on my blog is purely experimental and knowing that my locally blog is far from a hit. Nevertheless, I am happy to find another source of income besides working, saving and investing. Not a very reliable source though, haha. If you found any value in my blog or enjoyed any of my humble posts here, please show some support by simply clicking on any of my Adsense. Hopefully I can get another mail from Google in time to come this year. // I opened an Online Trading account with Standard Chartered Bank today. Yes, as you guessed it - for the attractive 0.2% brokerage fees. The flip side is that all the shares bought will be under the custodian of the bank and all transactions are to be made with cash upfront. STI^ waivering at 3080 today. Looks like the Ukraine issue is still causing much market concerns. ***

AimsAmp Ind Reit: Rights issue

I was tempted to buy in AimsAmp due to the good dividend yield . Then then then... luckily I saw on a blog that I follow that they have rights issue - OFFER OF 7 FOR 40 @ SGD 1.08. No wonder the price dropped and thus the good % yield! I think I shall wait for a while for its price to stabilise before I do anything. It's now trading at $1.31. A few other reits I am looking at now is CDL, Frasers Centrepoint and Starhill global. Bought CapitaRetail China. Just a few points here to remind myself: * Sometimes dividend yield can be a deceiving figure. Since % is correlated to the share price. Look also at the absolute figure to see whether it is in actual fact increasing or decreasing. * A chart gives only a 2D representation of a stock (one-sided view) but we must look at the entire 3D view of a stock before making a judgement. As behind every major fluctuation in a stock (which seems independent of the macro market), lies a story to be uncovered... * The magnitude of d

Saizen price "miracle" - Stocks consolidation exercise

The sudden increase in Saizen's share price after the Japan Tsunami kept me wondering for a while, but just a short while before I found out what's the cause of the price hike. It is not that the company has truly recovered and risen in value over such a short period, it is due to a stocks consolidation exercise aka a reverse split . So don't be too enthusiastic to buy in a stock that has suddenly risen without finding out the real reason behind. The actual market capitalization of the stock actually remained the same. As quoted from Investopedia: "This procedure is typically used by companies with low share prices that would like to increase these prices to either gain more respectability in the market or to prevent the company from being delisted (many stock exchanges will delist stocks if they fall below a certain price per share). For example, in a reverse 5-for-1 split, 10 million outstanding shares at 50 cents each would now become two million shares outstand

Battery life rescue for Samsung Galaxy SIII

This fast battery drain in android phone (specifically my Samsung S3) could happen after a system update, which besides giving me a slight change of interface it also gave me a plummeting battery life. I can charge my phone to full before I sleep and the next day woke up with only about 30% left. Damn frustrating. What I did was to do a cache update. Now how to do that? 1) After turning off the phone for 5 seconds, go to system set up by holding the Volume Up/Down, Home, & the Power button. Continue to hold all three until the screen flashes, then release all buttons. 2) Select using the Volume and power button - Cache update. 3) The system will restart itself. Battery life increased by a considerably 3 folds thereafter. =) Others also suggested clear cache, or turning off all those useless Samsung programs that's running in the background. Just check your RAM, if you see a lot of RAM used, probably all those are from junk programs are eating up your battery life. G


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