Google Adsense pay out

Google has mailed me a pleasant surprise - money for my blog's AdSense. Something which I did not expect as putting ads on my blog is purely experimental and knowing that my locally blog is far from a hit. Nevertheless, I am happy to find another source of income besides working, saving and investing. Not a very reliable source though, haha.

If you found any value in my blog or enjoyed any of my humble posts here, please show some support by simply clicking on any of my Adsense. Hopefully I can get another mail from Google in time to come this year.

I opened an Online Trading account with Standard Chartered Bank today. Yes, as you guessed it - for the attractive 0.2% brokerage fees. The flip side is that all the shares bought will be under the custodian of the bank and all transactions are to be made with cash upfront.

STI^ waivering at 3080 today. Looks like the Ukraine issue is still causing much market concerns.



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