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A mock S-REIT portfolio

If I were to construct a high-yield REITs portfolio of 10 stocks (prices were taken from Nov15 as I drew this last month), this is how it would look like: Market $ Entry $ Div yield% Shares P/B EV/EBIT Amount invested S-REITS Ascendas Hosp Trust 0.625 8.20 4800 0.7 26.7 $3,000 First Reit - health 1.19 7.00 2600 1.1 20.1 $3,094 CDL hosp 1.32 7.20 2300 0.8 15.6 $3,036 Ascott hosp 1.2 7.10 2500 0.7 28.8 $3,000 Mapletree logistics 1.005 7.30 2800 0.8 18.5 $2,814 Lippomall 0.305 10.20 10000 0.5 10.8 $3,050 Starhill global 0.765 6.80 3000 0.8 19.3 $2,295 Frasers Centrepoint 1.89 6.10 1600 1 20.3 $3,024 Ireit 0.685 7.60 4000 0.896 $2,740 CapitaRetailChina 1.335

Revisit: Singapore Savings Bond

Singapore's interest rate is expected to rise in the coming year as Fed hiked interest rate ( ). So let's keep our eyes peeled to see if SSB would be following suit should bank savings interest starts to rise. Is the economy really expected to be recovering next year or would it be toiled by the rate hike? I really have no idea... but if you want to have an inkling of idea how a rate hike would affect investments read interest-rate-and-its-effect-on-market . To read more about Singapore Savings Bond, click here . SSB is for you if... You do not need money for middle to long term Have a stomach for low risk bonds Wanna park your money somewhere safe but  more flexibl e than the lock-in CPF Think that banks would not raise their interest rate any higher than SGB's Get updated information at and

5 reasons why I don't use a budgeting app

I have tried it but eventually gave up. Here are the top five reasons why I do not fancy a budgeting app: 1. I don't like to do frequent data input. It can get quite irritating at times if I forget to key in any income or expense and the figures don't add up. Also it's a headache to be counting 'every cent in the wallet'. 2. I consolidate spending / savings on 3 monthly basis, since online banking statements are usually laid out in 1-3 months frame. I do a personal cash flow excel sheet yearly (or half yearly, depending on my mood) and review what are the unnecessary expenses. 3. I have a rough mental monthly budget on regular fixed spending, example: daily meals, transport, insurance. Then I just take note of any infrequent, extra spending that month, example: books, clothes, gadgets, travel. Groceries are all accounted for using one credit card. 4. I am not at risk of negative saving. I only invest opportunistically, not keen on regular investment plans.

Time of the year to jump ship

It's the time of my career once again and surprisingly this time it didn't take as long as the previous one to decide. I like to go with reasons more than my heart (although sometimes they coincide to the same conclusion). Here is my rationalization process: Why I work - To earn a living - To satisfy my passion for something I like to do - To sell / provide solutions to others - To achieve a cause that I believe in Why I want to resign - The main motivator above doesn't hold true anymore - Of lack of recognition given for my work done - There are better choices out there eg. pay, progress - The big boss add fires instead of giving support in fire fighting - Sacrifice for the cause is too big or stressful to bear What I am forgoing - A stable income - Work incentives and medical benefits Post-resignation plans - Take a hiatus, travel around abit, and work part-time in between - Find a full-time job of a different field (need to redefine my 

Troubleshoot Draco TV setup box

Another just-for-fun gadget troubleshoot post here. Stock market is currently too boring and I am not about to post another 'Blue chips still still in red sea" + triple sad face. I have just bought a digital tv setup box in preparation for UHF digital signal migration which is reported to be entirely replacing the current analogue signal by 2016. If you have no idea what I am talking about or have not watched the Kim Ng's advertisement saying how clear her pink hair would look on digital, please youtube it. If you already possess a digital TV (you will know if it has that label on the black box below), you would just need to purchase an antenna to receive the signal. And those of you with subscribed TV channels eg. Mio, you don't need to get any set up box or antenna. Troubleshoot questions and answers If you don't want to pay all this fees (below), please read on. How to receive the signal? 1. Ensure the antenna that comes togethe


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