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Year end reflections 2020

This year has not been kind to many. Who would have predicted that the impact of the Wuhan virus can be more fatal and widespread than SARS? I can only say that we are really fortunate to be living in Singapore, where our government really took good measures against community virus spread and also took good financial care of its citizens hit by this economy seismic. View from the MBS Skypark I was half-joking with my friend, at the beginning of the year when discussing FIRE, that I will be forced into FIRE soon. To sum up, it's quite a mean year for me and I am glad it's ending. As I am drafting my plans, I know very well that I am not ready for full retirement (the RE part) despite achieving financial independence for a lean FIRE. Things just happened and I do not have much choice (nor motivation) to keep working. From 'The Personal MBS' Budget wise I did not calculate to the cents, but I am confident that with less going out with friends, eating out and no overseas h