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Advice from the guru and lessons learnt

In the Money Week (TV show on Channel 8), the stocks guru Mr Hu Li Yang mentioned that if a stock you chose drops while overall stocks in the market are rising, that would imply your stock is 'sick' and you should be alarmed by this signal. I do not agree with all of his statements, one of which is about buying up and selling down. If the statement he made above is true then I have to re-look at two of my stocks, which failed to break their resistances since I bought many months back, despite the market doing better than then. I should know better than to buy on gut instinct and reading some optimistic posts about the company. I regretted not following my gut instinct that time about Genting SP when it dropped to 0.80+ the commentaries were all against it rating it's support at 0.60. Suddenly it emerged as a multi-bagger stock. I wondered if any guru would have guess it can hit a whooping $2. After a period of over-chase, it's price is finally cooling off - closed to

6 of Asia's most expensive homes

Skyscraper for a home? See this link Now, which is the one you aspire to live in the most if you have that kind of money? These homes seem more like museums to me really. Find them too extravagant to be called homes... well, maybe not for these billionaires who are overflowing with monies in their banks. For somebody like me who have been staying in a small Singapore flat all my life, it's hard to imagine how living in HUGE spaces like those would feel like. Shiok or not? Would people lose their way in there? Do they truely qualify as cozy and comfy? To me, I would think that living with a warm close-knitted family in any decent housing would very much suffice as cozy and comfy. =)

My mobile phone plan

I probably have one of the most economical phone plan around - Starhub 3G Power Now 160 (don't think it's available for subscription anymore) and am quite happy with it. The basic charge is $20 prior to GST, and it includes 160 minutes talk time that can be rolled over monthly, 500 free SMS, free incoming voice calls on weekend and recently I discovered that Data usage within Gee! is FREE. Woohoot!  I only discovered that after I started logging on to MSN via mobile and the bill indicated that the data usage are uncharged. I tried to find which are the websites that fall within Gee! and which are those that fall outside Gee! (charged) but couldn't find any useful information on the Starhub website. Does anybody know? Hmm maybe I would call up to check with them. Since my contract is ending next year, I am contemplating whether I should get the all-famous iphone. That would mean I have to give up this plan and get a 30 over dollars monthly iphone plan. Alternatively, is to g

Wise quotes series - I

"The line separating investment and speculation , which is never bright and clear, becomes blurred still further when most market participants have recently enjoyed triumphs. Nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money. After a heady experience of that kind, normally sensible people drift into behavior akin to that of Cinderella at the ball. They know that overstaying the festivities -- that is, continuing to speculate in companies that have gigantic valuations relative to the cash they are likely to generate in the future -- will eventually bring on pumpkins and mice. But they nevertheless hate to miss a single minute of what is one helluva party. Therefore, the giddy participants all plan to leave just seconds before midnigh t. There's a problem, though: They are dancing in a room in which the clocks have no hands ." - Berkshire Hathaway 2000 Chairman's Letter *** "The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry i

Be an INVESTOR and not a GAMBLER

Some tips I have gathered from the book ' Techinical Analysis Demystified ': Do not be influenced by other's views, make independent decisions If the market cannot move up on good news, sell fast. If the market cannot move down on bad news, buy fast. It takes patience to wait for trends to be established or to wait for the correct setup to enter. You must have a precise entry level and reason for entering. Jumping in for dear that you'll miss out is not a good enough reason to buy. Knowledge of human nature: Market hate to sell at even numbers. Keep stop orders just short of round whole number as well. -- Here are some advice from Createwealth8888 : To not GAMBLE in the stock market, you can do one or more of these Leave your capital invested and focus on collecting stock dividends and likely over a long period of time you will finally recover all your capital plus more. Periodically recover your capital plus some capital gains and re-invest when stock ma


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