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钱犹如士兵, 市场犹如战场, 将领犹如投资者。 你要如何在这战场上夺取胜利呢? I shall visit the library to borrow a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of war when I am free. Below is some gist from a finance blogger (external link). --> Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War to Trading by BigFatPurse ***

"Seeing is believing."

This is a very good quote indeed. What it means is - do not just believe in hear-says and your own assumptions, you need to SEE the FACTS before you can really believe them and make your decision. In the many turmoils, dilemmas, and hear-says that my family has been through these few months due to a trouble, I am glad that most instances we did not rely on hear-says for making decisions. Unfortunately, the trouble actually was seeded from 'hear-say'. Hearing alone often is not good enough because what you hear are just people's thoughts and perceptions and sometimes could be misinterpreted or outdated information. Search and dig - reports, official information, authority's websites, verify the info and then formulate your own thoughts and judgments. If you base your decision on arbitrary information, you are taking a risk, you are putting the ball in someone else's court, you are playing on luck. A side note - seeing with your heart is different from seeing wi