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Find Love Find Life (사랑찾아 인생찾아)

라라랄라 라라라라 랄라 라라라라 라라라랄라 lalalala lalalala... 사랑 찾아 인생을 찾아 하루종일 숨이 차게 뛰어다닌다 sarang chaja insaeng eu chaja, haru cong il sumi chage dwi o da nin da 서울 하늘 하늘 아래서 내 꿈도 가까이 온다 so ul hanuel hanuel araeso, nae kumdo (bupo) kakkai onda 사랑도 있고 우정도 있고 하늘 아래 살고 있고 sarangdo iko ucongdo iko haneul arae, salko iko 저마다 다른 인생속에 또 하루를 바쁘게 산다 somada dareun insaeng soke, ddo harureul bappeu ke sanda 우리 인생 살다 보면 힘든 날도 수없이 찾아오지만 uri insaeng salda bomyon, him deun naldo su opsi chaja o jiman 사랑하나 그 사랑하나 찾으려고 몸부림 치네 sarang hana keu sarang hana, chajeu ryo ko mompurim jine 사랑찾아 인생을 찾아 하루종일 숨이 차게 뛰어 다닌다 sarang chaja insaeng eul chaja, harujongil somi chake dwi o da nin da 서울 하늘 하늘 아래서 내 꿈도 가까이 온다 so ul haneul haneul araeso nae pumdo(bupo) kakka i onda ... 사랑을 알고 우정도 알고 정 하나로 살고있고 sarang eul arko, ujongdo arko, jong hanaro salko iko 저마다 값진 인생 속에 또 하루를 바쁘게 산다 jomada kapjin insaeng soke, ddo harureul bappeu ke sanda 우리 인생 살다 보면 힘든 날도 수없이 찾아 오지만 uri insaeng salda bomyon, him deun naldo

SembCorp marine - The falling knife?

I was tempted into buying SembCorp marine shares last week as the price has fallen to $3.60 but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) my order did not get filled. This week I see the price continue falling to $3.52 today. How low will it go? And when will it get oversold? In view of the crude oil price crash, Sembcorp vs Keppel Corp, which would you pick? Why? Read more about its reviews here: ----------------------------------------------------- Update: 4/3/16 I would consider my order not getting filled a fortune. Because price hit a record low of $1.40 before retracing upwards. That was a whooping 60% fall! Speaking of catching a falling knife, this is a sharp and long one. :S

Credit card must-knows

1) Find the right card to use Know what you spend most at and get a card that gives the most perks for that category of spending. For instance, if you drive and always top up Petrol at SPC then POSB everyday card might be a good choice due to the attractive daily$ rebate. If you love retail therapy then Citibank Rewards card might be a good one for accumulating reward points and perks. Compare credit cards here . 2) Remember to redeem Don't let your credit card points accumulate to neverland. Most of them come with an expiry date eg. UOB's smart$ (6 months), Standchart's reward points (3 years), DBS Capitarewards (1 year)... These points could be used to offset purchases from participating merchants or shopping vouchers. Citibank Premier miles reward and POSB's daily$ have no expiry dates (correct me if I am wrong). 3) Cashback - lovin' it Do not like redeeming from merchants or request vouchers (what's m

In love with yogasana and pilate

It's been 2 months since I joined Amore Fitness and I can feel my muscles strength and endurance improving. Although my stamina is still bad as I haven't gone for any cardio activities. Here's what I like and dislike about it. Like: - Has a vast variety of classes from dances like hip hop, Bollywood to pilates and yoga. - Has classes spanning over many time slots almost through out the day. - Walk-ins gym and classes (except for a few peak hour classes have to book 1 week in advance) - They have many instructors so if you don't like one, can always choose another class to go to. - Clean venue, big lockers, convenient location and ladies-only (for the branch I signed up at) - Shower facility and towels provided Dislike: - Need $160 sign up fee (for member card) - Only when you have the time to go consistently will you get your 1 month $138 unlimited gym (one club) sign up worth. If you go by per entry it is simply too expensive. - Instructors don't h


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