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A note on Entrepreneurship

It's been a while again from my last update as I have been busy fire-fighting at work. A note to my previous post, Singapore Savings Bond is finally up for grab this October. So ready your cash cos the stocks don't look set to crash (despite the Greek crisis stirring in the background). I have remained dormant while I see my stocks go into the red zone and back to green again. So what's interesting lately? I have been to a job interview. To cut things short, it's kind of a one-man-show job which I could probably learn a lot on in terms of running a business. The downside is that the remuneration package is much lower than what I am getting in current job. After weighing the pros and cons, plus the total working hours (8.5 official hours a day, with alternate Sat half-day. There goes my pilate classes..), my financial goals, direction of this business and what I thought of the boss - I said to myself "Heck with what learning la, you don't know what you ar


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