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Noises versus voices

Most of these noises are plain shilling or so-called "snake oiling" - disguised by beautiful words. Voices are few and valuable. Filtering noises We can save ourselves time, energy, and at times money, if we can quickly differentiate between noises and voices; listening to what confer value while ignoring those that do not.  The skill is developed by encountering countless shilling or "snake oiling" (hopefully not falling prey to) and realizing their obscure objectives sung in somewhat similar tune. Their tunes are always one-sided and highly biased. Value propositions may not be well-backed by data. They use words that sound exaggerative.  We will know we finally "got it" when we find ourselves debating or refuting these crap shills and not blindly internalizing them as "truths".  As my general rule of thumb, anything that are voicing opinions ought to be taken with a pinch of salt unless you are sure of the speaker's credibility. We won'

Thinking backwards

Goals Determine your goals / the desired end points, visualize as clearly as you could if it is what you desire, then work backwards from it in your mind.  Yes, something like a movie rewind where you start by visualizing your future self with what you have achieved and slowly back to the current state. If you can't visualize too far out then set a nearer milestone. There can be multiple milestones before the end point. In slowly going through the thought process, it might become clearer what you have got to do at this moment in your life. You might even manage to spot an obstacle or two. In the midst of it, ask yourself some of these questions... Is the goal that you are setting out to achieve realistic?  Are the obstacles able to be overcome or circumvented? How much time is required approximately? Would you do better to modify or seek out alternatives? It is never wise to jump headlong into something that you cannot clearly visualize. Eg. Working hard when your ladder is leaning


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