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Quick update - July 18

What have I been up to this month?

Watchlist: ThaiBev Y92 (3)

Approaching its 3-year low. Still watching as downtrend is intact. -- Update 19/07/18 With the recent price reversal, I have decided to entered a small position today at $0.74. My target buy price was below $7 but it was a fleeting 1 day encounter which I missed. Next on my watch list: YZJ *** Check out my  Blog Archives  here for previous posts

梁文福 - 太多太多 (改编版)

梁文福改篇之前的《太多太多》,逗趣巧妙地唱出了新加坡人们的感想和心酸。 ***

Book review: Investing with Purpose by Mark Aardsma

This book is not just another book teaching you how you should be investing your money in the financial world. Mark's concepts are at a whole new level beyond that, which strongly attracted me to continue flipping the pages. I considered it one of my favourite inspirational books. It is also available from the NLB. I would say it is a good sequential read to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. While the book Rich Dad showed us the importance of financial literacy and getting out of the rat race, Investing with Purpose gives us ideas on how we could execute it. With stories of his own journey from an early retrenchment 'victim' to becoming a multi-business owner and mentor, Mark emphasized on maximizing the utility of finite resources (time, money, skills, network etc) to materialize investment and entrepreneurial plans. He talked about the tangibles and the intangibles ROI where 'investments' in life are not all about money. The context he wrote in is pretty easy to understa

What is "Contango"?

I was reading about futures contract and came across this term. Let's learn a new term today if you are as clueless as I am. \ Spot Price  refers to the current price in the marketplace at which a given asset such as a security, commodity or currency can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. [Read more:  Spot Price ]


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