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Time to contribute $$ to CPF for tax relief again

It's the time of the year again - time to contribute money to your CPF or your parents' CPF accounts if you are looking for some income tax rebate. Better do it soon too, because there are less than 5 working days to new year (and to qualify)! Another way of getting the tax rebate is to do some good by donating back to society. :) Here is the IRAS link to check out the top-up relief limits:  CPF-Cash-Top-up-Relief (For self is $7000 and for family members is $7000 too. So the maximum rebate amount is $14000.) And not forgetting, there is also the elusive Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) which you could contribute to... What is SRS? More on SRS contributions If you are lazy to analyse for yourself on whether you should put your money into the SA or SRS, here is a good article that can help to shed some light. It might be a good alternative to annuity or perhaps even life insurance (if you are already quite aged and need to pay very high premiums). Note that

Past tense, Present tense, Future tense of stock market

Past tense = dividends, P/E Present tense = current share price , NAV,  news Future tense = prospect / business analysis, projected earning, speculation Some people like to make decision looking at the rearview mirror, some people like to make decision based on trend and gut feel, some people like to analyse and try to foresee things. Which describes you? ------------------------- My stocks portfolio adventure in 2016: - Earned an ok dividend of 4.3% by year end - My worst paper loss this year was -29% in January - Rode through the boring market period and terrible paper loss by not capitulating and just taking dividends as panadol - Did some diversification of portfolio as it was over-concentrated in certain equities - Paper loss (current) is about double the amount of absolute $ of my dividends gained Looking to do some rebalancing of my portfolio to welcome 2017.


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