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Bonds in my portfolio

What's the latest fad now besides FIRE? The akan datang SIA bond ! I just realised that I hardly mentioned anything about bonds in my portfolio. FYI they have been playing a rather significant role in stabilizing my investment portfolio, especially in times of market volatility. In fact, at this point in time, about half of my paper assets are in bond (gasp! surprise, surprise...), so you can see how much I value them. I must also give them credit for helping my Multiplier Account to multiply $! My proud bonds collection: 10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Oct15) 10 years SGS bond at 2.39% (May18) 10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Jul18) 10 years SGS bond at 2.44% (Sep18) 10 years SGS bond at 2.57% (Dec18) 10 years SGS bond at 2.45% (Jan19) FCL 3.65% treasury (2022) Perannial 4.55% bond (2020) Astrea IV bond 4.35% (2023)  When I saw Uncle8888's 3-liner blog post : "To lend at 3.03% interest rate in hope of Return OF Capital???

A short break

I took a break from trading, investing and everything finance related for the past couple of weeks. The trading break was just at the time when the S&P and China stocks (like BABA) rallied like never before since the start of the trade war. Oh well... what have I missed. Anyway, I have concluded that I do not have the psychology nor temperament for swing trading. Period. My brief conclusion about investing after these few months is that... We always miss the bigger picture and couldn't quite tell when bad news are actually good news for bargain buy instead of impending market big crash cos bad news tend to get amplified. (That's what made my regrettable sale of UMS and Silverlake.) Perhaps you would get a clearer idea of what I am talking about by reading this - Gradual Improvements Go Unnoticed . "The fact that bad news is disseminated ten times as fast as positive news is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so difficult to just capture market returns


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