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Cash flow quadrant

I came across this quadrant from Wealth Buch's blog. The simplest being E, which is the one that I am in now. Hardest being B i think. S would be something like taking up a tuition job or being a hawker... I is what i aimed to be in my free time and the reason on why I started this blog. Someday I shall borrow Robert Kiyosaki's book. --- STI went below it's break point of 3000, probably due to the volcanic hit. MIIF just dropped below 0.50, if it dropped to 0.47 or less i will take in some lots. It is currently trading slightly below the previous support level. Stoch is at its lowest, RSI weak. ***

Scrutinizing SG stock market

I have been lazy for the past year. Investing has always been on my mind but I am too lazy to get an account, and didn't bother to do any research nor studying... that is why I am lamenting every time I see a new peak in STI... I think I always 'man ren yi pai'. haiz. Just started going into TA for the past few days. Wasn't as difficult as I thought. In fact it seemed quite interesting. Stoch, RSI, MFI, MA, Bollinger bands, SAR blah blah... tools that I never thought of using previously. I have been just stupidly looking at volume which is not that informative, it's just like looking at the tip of an iceberg. I still need to learn more about support and resistant and how to pin-point them. I predict that current STI will continue to climb to hit above 3000. In '07 it almost hit 4000. Now it's still a time of fluctuations. About parabolic SAR The parabolic SAR is a fairly good tool for traders looking for a strategic method of gauging a stock's dir

Start of working life, start of new blog journey

Looking back at my 9 months of professional training, it feels like a movie's flashback. There were times of pain (from long hours of standing and walking and stocking goods), stress (when we need to meet documents and project deadlines), fun (through my various rotations) and sense of achievement (when my group won the project presentation and how i survived delivering it in the auditorium for the first time). Now that I have started work, it has been almost a year since I graduated, it is very different from training period - I would liken it to a boulder off my shoulder, despite having small loads thrown to me along the way. The learning journey now is fully dependent on self , with nobody to push me at the back anymore. Work everyday is very routine, except on days when i get scheduled to work overtime out of my usual work place. It is not too bad in spite of the travel as I am quite happy with my current benefits and pay. I can foresee myself staying on (at least through th


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