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Thoughts about Financial Freedom part III

Read also:  Thoughts about Financial Freedom part II There is an increasing number of blogs and courses these days talking about methodologies of investing in stocks, advocating financial independence or financial freedom (I am using the 2 terms interchangeably in this post, you could read more on their subtle differences here ). They advocated how good it is to reach the stage of FIRE (financially independent and retire early) in life, how one could achieve FI through investing (like bao jiak) and packaged it with methodologies which are often narrowly taught as "long-term investing in dividend-yielding stocks". The holy grail of reaching financial independence is not in its entirety about becoming a skilled (passive /value) stock investor. Those who are inspired by Robert Kiyosaki like to talk about portfolio and passive income by investing - forgetting that he wrote financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law . That essentially poi

Comfort Delgro (C52) - my lost treasure

Round 1: Bought $1.57 Round 2: Bought $1.46 Sold all at  $1.84 in year 2013 Gain: $0.325  :) But its price rocketed in the years after. -.- Silly me has sold all. Round 3: Bought $2.02 Selling at _________ ?? ------------ Update 29/9/18: Current price at $2.43 What has changed - the Taxi landscape Uber has been bought over by Grab and as a result, Comfort Delgro has one less competitor. Grab is also offering less of a promo for rides these days and spent much marketing effort promoting other revenue streams through its GrabPay. In the latest unconsolidated financial report, C52's revenues see gain of SGD 941.1 million against SGD 893.1 million a year ago, attributable mainly to the improvement in the underlying businesses and contributions from new acquisitions with SGD 46.2 million. Cash from operating activities has increased. Profit after tax has reduced. Although oil price is back on the rise, I don't know how big an impact it will have on C52

The past-30 years old reflections

Have I been aging gracefully? It's time for some reflections. 1. Learnt to appreciate work more, 敬业乐业 Having moved out of my comfort zone which I was so discontented with due to a lack of 'prospect', the past 2 years of 'venturing out' served as both a learning journey that opened my eyes up to entrepreneurship and a humbling experience which led my heart to 最初。I learnt to recognise that there is no so-called 'easy job', regardless of being worker or boss - there is only job you hold passion for or no passion for. To put a price tag on a job you hold no passion for (or no meaning to you) is pointless. More money does not translate to higher job satisfaction. It became clearer to me of what I want to do and what I can do as I go back to 最初。 Over years of working in various organizations, I have also recognized that in every work environment there's shits and barriers - some people just suck it in and overcome, some people will complain, some


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