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Graduating from MIS Marketing dip course

I have been missing in action for a while here cos I have been busy investing in... learning! I have gone back to studying, doing project and sitting in lectures just like in uni days, all while working part-time for 6 months from Jan followed by a new full-time job in August. Life has become more fulfilling, I would say, than if I had stayed on in my previous dreary job. Through this change, I have gotten to know more people both inside and outside of my profession. Good to meet new people! After the final exam on 29th Oct I will be officially "liberated" from my course. On one hand I am glad that the course has come to an end so I would have more free time to read up on those clinical stuff for my 'continuous education' that I have been neglecting and possibly engage in a regular sports to increase my fitness level. On the other hand, I will miss the times of going-back-to-school, brainstorming of case studies and non-work chitchats with my classmates. I do no


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