A Singaporean who began to explore the financial world in 2010, hoping to get out of the rat race and be financially independent. It was the aftermath period of the Lehman crisis when a pretty shaken up market was struggling to recover. On hindsight, that was the perfect time to catch multi-bagger stocks should I be a veteran or at least had some basic knowledge of picking up 'gems'. My learning curve was steep as I self-taught financial literacy by reading financial blogs and books... That I thought, is borrowing wisdom from others.

However, borrowing wisdom can sometimes comes with a price and I have had a good taste of it in my early days. 

Wisdom is what we gain from doing,  learning, reflecting and filtering of information with discretion. We cannot simply follow blindly. That is why I will always emphasize DYODD (do your own due diligence) and DYOR (do your own research).

"Playing the market is like playing the rubik's cube - some do it systematically, some do it intuitively, some keep searching for the right moves and never got anywhere. "

Through this blog I hope to document snippets of adventures and learnings in my quest for financial independence and finding my first pot of gold beyond the rainbow.

I will be glad to do post collaborations, affiliate marketing or link exchanges. Just drop me a message and I will reply to you the soonest I can. 

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Contents of this blog is personal opinions and NOT advice to buy or sell any securities, commodities or assets. I am not acclaimed or qualified to give financial advices and will not be liable for any losses incurred from reading my posts or the assets mentioned herein.


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Let's be inspired for Financial Independence! Cheers!



  1. Hi,

    I am of view that there is no x formula to lead the life to the fullest. The best time is now. I consider one (who lives life to the fullest) as being happy at all time.



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