My Defi adventure 6: Troubleshoot FTM undelegation on Fantom

Image Why stake on Fantom? The incentive of staking FTM by delegating to a validator on the network is for both staking reward (about 13%) and the usage of minted sFTM (the proof token for staking) as collateral to borrow fUSD. We can subsequently swap it for other synths eg. wFTM. [ Do note that fUSD is NOT pegged to USD, so it is often valued less than USD1 when you try swapping it for other stablecoins  like fUSDT  on Fantom. ] What is crypto staking? [External link] I find that the entire interface of PWA wallet is not intuitive at all. I was kind of in a lost after connecting my wallet, and had to read a walkthrough before I managed to stake and finally get some fUSD. The reward for borrowing fUSD was pathetic, by the way. For sFTM minted, you will be able to find it under Collateral Positions below and fUSD you will find it under Synths Positions on the fMint page. The real hassle came when I wanted to reverse everything and undelegate my

Quick guide: How to on-ramp and off-ramp popular cryptocurrency CEX platforms

Image has recently announced that it no longer offers Singapore users fiat deposit services, spot trading of cryptocurrencies, the purchase of cryptocurrencies through fiat channels and liquid swap (“Regulated Payments Services”). This has caused quite a frenzy for local users to off-ramp their assets on Binance to fiat or to some of these other crypto platforms like Gemini and FTX. Earlier on I have written a post on  Thinking backwards . Before you on-ramp your money to any platform, it is wise to also consider the options available for off-ramping. Photo by Executium on Unsplash Other important considerations when choosing the suitable CEX platforms for your crypto investments would be the ease of use, list of supported cryptos, trading fees and their interest rates / "earn" programmes. Below is a comparison table for fiat on-ramp and off-ramp to some platforms I have used. Do use my referral here  if you are interested to sign up for any of them. I believe all CEX

Rarity - my awakening to Defi gaming

For those of you who are new to Defi gaming, perhaps you will get a better idea after reading this post or trying it out personally on one of the blockchains. I have also appended some related articles at the end for your reading pleasure. The ancestor blockchain of Defi gaming is of course Ethereum, where smart contracts gave birth to a myriad of popular games like Cryptokitties, Aavegotchi and Axie Infinity. There are even upcoming blockbuster-to-be games eg.  Illuvium  (token price $539.37, TVL S$5,473,192) with huge capital locked in even before launch. As users move towards the preference for lower gas fee and higher speed, we see Defi game space rapidly expanding into various other blockchains such as Polygon, Binance, Fantom, Solana, Enjin Jumpnet, Terra... to name a few. And do you know that Singapore is home to a few blockchain gaming fintech companies? Recently, I have started playing this new Defi game called Rarity and find it mind-blowing.  Mind-blowing not because of the

Noises versus voices

Most of these noises are plain shilling or, in another word, "snake oiling". Disguised in beautiful words. Voices are few and valuable. Filtering noises We can save ourselves time, energy, and at times money, if we can quickly differentiate between noises and voices; listening to what confer value while ignoring those that do not.  The skill is developed by encountering countless shilling or "snake oiling" (hopefully not falling prey to) and realizing their obscure objectives sung in somewhat similar tune. Their tunes are always one-sided and highly biased. Value propositions may not be well-backed by data. They use words that sound exaggerative.  We will know we finally "got it" when we find ourselves debating or refuting these crap shills and not blindly internalizing them as "truths".  As my general rule of thumb, anything that are voicing opinions ought to be taken with a pinch of salt unless you are sure of the speaker's credibility. We

Thinking backwards

Goals Determine your goals / the desired end points, visualize as clearly as you could if it is what you desire, then work backwards from it in your mind.  Yes, something like a movie rewind where you start by visualizing your future self with what you have achieved and slowly back to the current state. If you can't visualize too far out then set a nearer milestone. There can be multiple milestones before the end point. In slowly going through the thought process, it might become clearer what you have got to do at this moment in your life. You might even manage to spot an obstacle or two. In the midst of it, ask yourself some of these questions... Is the goal that you are setting out to achieve realistic?  Are the obstacles able to be overcome or circumvented? How much time is required approximately? Would you do better to modify or seek out alternatives? It is never wise to jump headlong into something that you cannot clearly visualize. Eg. Working hard when your ladder is leaning

My Defi adventure 5: Lessons from recent crypto crash

The sell-off sprees that happened about every weekend, in that period, were as predictable as the weekend markets. Making my heart plunge every time I check my massacred crypto portfolio. The ETH gas price had a crazy initial surge (as degens rushed into action) and then slowly sank to the lows as crypto prices plunged lower by the weeks.  Network was clogged. Even Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, at some point in this period. However, looking at the recent run up in prices and positive sentiment swing, perhaps we are out of the wood (FUD over? Such a short winter?). Still, I am not convinced of the $100,000 BTC year end target price prediction. My humble opinion is that BTC will continue to face resistance in the momentous upswing as long as the tug-o-war between policy makers and pro-crypto parties continues. Despite a possible slow climb moving foward, it has proven to be super rewarding for those that remain long in crypto for the past years to date, especially for the OGs and

3 ways (NOT) to be a post-retirement sluggard

Escape reality Since you don't have much things to expend your post-retirement energy surge on and the environment you live in is such a dull place, why not live in the virtual world? You can have utopia. You can build a character that you wished you were but are not. You can build an empire and a reputation, unrivalled by "anons" in the space.  It feels damn good.  You give yourself a pat on the back - virtually. Perhaps it does not matter that the REAL environment which you live, eat and shit in remains a dull and somewhat unpleasant place... Or you felt it was not worth your time to go change it.  There are always more and better satisfactions in conquering utopias, and chasing things that don't matter - in real life. How NOT to be a sluggard #1: Don't escape or bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. Use your finite resources, eg. time & energy, to make positive real changes around your real life . "Be the change you want to see in the world."