Quick guide: Adding the BAT tipping function to your site

To read its whitepaper or download the Brave browsers, you can go to BAT's official website . The token price has jumped lately prolly due to some FOMO buying from news . [This guide first appeared in one of my previous posts: Blog rebranding ] BAT token tipping Content creators can earn cryptocurrency BAT when readers, who find the content useful, drop tips via the BAT tipping function in the Brave browser app.  I have switched to using the Brave browser for a while now since it's UI is 99% similar to Chrome, which I was previously using.  Brave is well-known for its ad-blocking function (no pop-ups, no more annoying guru commercials on Youtube. Yes!) and you can earn yourself some BAT crypto token reward whenever you choose to click ads. The BAT can be withdrawn to your crypto wallet and then be exchanged for cash. So it's like killing two birds with one stone. Seedly has written a review on the browser if you are interested to read more. For a DNS-idiot like me, it took

Random thoughts: Time bombs, Living the present and Barista FIRE

Time bombs Everything's a time bomb when you think about it. Our life's inherently a time bomb. Stock market, crypto market are time bombs too. When we spend too much time worrying about time bombs, especially those that we have no control over, we are subjecting ourselves to unhealthy and stressful thoughts. You can make plans for the explosion time, if it makes embracing uncertainties easier.  Don't live in jitters. Living the present When we don't waste time mauling the past and worrying about the future, we are present in mind for the present. We tackle the problems at hand with our best effort, then just let them roll. If something's solvable, try our hands at it again. But know when to move on. Don't go trying to lift a boulder out of the way when you can walk around it. Sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking there are no choices out there. Like you look at a tree and think it is the forest.  You haven't probably haven't seen enough trees. The

Quick guide: Mobile App

Image has two distinct platforms - the mobile app and the exchange, both of which offer cryptocurrencies trading for users. The mobile app, however, has packed in much more and seems a little confusing to navigate for starters. Its utility token is CRO (previously MCO). Why is CRO token price spiking lately? A bit of missed opportunity gripe - I regretted not buying the amount of CRO needed for Ruby card when I first signed up. That's when CRO was at only USD $0.15 (its price as of writing is $0.70). I only started staking recently after the price run-up pushed my CRO value to reach it. I think the huge price run-up was due to the following reasons. Reason 1 - Cronos network launch just introduces the Cronos mainnet beta, the Cosmos SDK based EVM compatible chain, on 8 Nov 2021. Cronos is the EVM compatible chain running in parallel to the Chain. It aims to massively scale the Chain DeFi ecosystem, by providing developers with the ability to rapidly port

Quick guide: Onboarding to Defi (on Polygon)

Why I do Defi on Polygon chain?  It is because the gas fee is really low compared to many other chains out there, easy to bridge asset across and dApps on chain are aplenty. Matic incentives are still ongoing, although not as plentiful as during March-April period this year.  I find it a pretty decent starting point for those who are dipping their toes into Defi as one won't get "heart attack" from gas fee shock if one encountered a failed transaction or accidentally double-sent one. (Ethereum gas fee per transaction average $15 - $30, may be higher depending on the complexity of contract.) So you can play around to your heart's content, just don't get rug-pulled . Below are two routes that I have used to onboard Polygon.  Onboard routes 1. Ethereum-Polygon POS bridge The "official way" (before other bridges or allow transfer) is via the Ethereum-Polygon POS bridge. You can read the step-by-step guide here.  It would be for those who already

How should we be investing? 5 factors to consider

IMO we should not plan our investment portfolio simply based on age. Age is just an arbitrary number - an easy form of measurement when it comes to statistics and policies but confer little meaning when we try to measure it against our actual lifespan (we cannot predict how long we can live but ironically still have to do planning base on mean statistics) and how we should be managing our portfolios. Realistically, we can say our age is directly proportionate to our energy level and mental agility but not to our net worth, liability, investment risk appetite, wisdom and personality. These five factors - net worth, liability, risk appetite, wisdom and personality are key to how we should be investing throughout our lifetime. They should be assessed in close relation to one another and fully dynamic to life events. How much risk to take depends on one's net worth and liability First and foremost, before making any investment, we need to ensure that all the basics have been well taken

My Defi adventure 7: Breaking even in opportunity cost

It has been exactly 5 months since I became "degen" and embarked on Defi. I onboarded Ethereum main-net with ETH, subsequently bridging over to Polygon and other blockchains. As I bought the native chain token at its all time high (swapped from ETH) to engage in on-chain farming, and got farm-wrecked at some point in time too, my returns when benchmarked against my initial ETH capital outlay has been sub-par. Leaving the July crash behind, the new L1 and L2 chains seemed to be having all the limelight. As more people onboarded, and perhaps whales did their capital shift, it is soon altcoin season once again (you know it when even meme coins start pumping like crazy). With that, I am finally breaking even in terms of my opportunity cost (if I have held on to all my ETH bought in the period of May till date).  Looking from a different perspective, if I had just held on to my ETH doing nothing, I would have learnt nothing about the exciting Defi space and the prowess of Defi p

My Defi adventure 6: Troubleshoot FTM undelegation on Fantom

Image Why stake on Fantom? The incentive of staking FTM by delegating to a validator on the network is for both staking reward (about 13%) and the usage of minted sFTM (the proof token for staking) as collateral to borrow fUSD. We can subsequently swap it for other synths eg. wFTM. [ Do note that fUSD is NOT pegged to USD, so it is often valued less than USD1 when you try swapping it for other stablecoins  like fUSDT  on Fantom. ] What is crypto staking? [External link] I find that the entire interface of PWA wallet is not intuitive at all. I was kind of in a lost after connecting my wallet, and had to read a walkthrough before I managed to stake and finally get some fUSD. The reward for borrowing fUSD was pathetic, by the way. For sFTM minted, you will be able to find it under Collateral Positions below and fUSD you will find it under Synths Positions on the fMint page. The real hassle came when I wanted to reverse everything and undelegate my