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Body language - the key to success

Some people apply these research statistics to dating, some apply to business and work. It sure is enlightening to know that... • 55% is through body language • 38% is the tone and speed of their voice • Only 7% is through what they say  You can read the  reference article here. In another words, people form an impression of you not so much from the words that you say but more on THE WAY you say it. It would in turn influence the way they respond to you and their attitudes. In the initial stage of my career, I tend to focus a lot on the words I say because the nature of my work is giving information and counseling so I cannot afford to say the wrong thing or miss out on certain important points. As time goes by, I realized my clients tend to respond better when I don't articulate my questions in a robotic manner but probe for information with a more casual tone instead. When giving advise or information, use short pauses in between to let them digest or question. People