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Caught by surprise MMS charges

I was caught by surprise when see that my latest phone bill has got a freakin 20 charged MMS (at $0.30 each). I realised that my very 'smart' Galaxy S phone has absolutely no noticeable alert, symbol or restriction, whatsoever, when I send multimedia messages... This probably happened when I mass send intended-SMS to my colleagues. I do so by simply selecting and adding their names to my msg contacts. Unless I scroll through every contact that I have added, otherwise I would have no way of knowing if I accidentally selected email instead of phone numbers. That's how I unknowingly incurred these charges. *Annoyed* I doubt there is any apps around to warn against MMS messaging. I could only get around this by deleting all my stored email contacts and re-sync my email account with my phone so that it would be cleared of all email adds. Then I un-sync my email account with my phone's contact so that it will not 're-import' these emails into my contact list when me

Waiting for stabilization

Selling sentiment is still high as STI has plunged further again today. Now is the time to wait out and observe for the market to stabilize eg. lowering of selling pressure, before picking up the bluechips with good P/E and NAV ratio. Let's hope that there won't be any really bad news to cause a major upsetting of the market. Things are gloomy but asian economy should be picking up. Using the strategy of 'buying down', I have foolishly attempted to catch a falling knife last week but luckily it was one instead of two. Lesson learnt: I ought to watch out for reversal signals to confirm the pit and NOT try to guess when it is hitting the pit. The silent descent... lurks danger? Funds are generally holding up well despite the market downturn. If they get more impacted by the STI plunge, picking up funds would be a viable choice. Bond is by far the safest among all the investments. Fixed deposit interest is crap unless we are looking at foreign currency's interest