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Should frugal millennial guys be scared of Singapore women?

I happened to chance upon the blog post by Christopher on Why Singapore Women scare Frugal Millennial Guys and thought that I would share a few cents worth as a Singapore woman on this. Generally, I find it too stereotyping. Here I classify "Millennial" based on Cambridge's definition of those born in the 1980s, 1990s, or early 2000s. Define "frugality" One issue that he raised was that millennial Singapore ladies seem to create the impression that they are spendthrift. They love to travel and instead of viewing travelling as a luxury, it's like a necessity. Lo and behold I may be just one of them! However, as the keyword said - it is just an impression . It does not mean my goal and hobby depend on travelling. In fact, I do view travelling as a 'luxury' in life and don't do luxury travel. Notice the difference? I don't think many Singapore women are suckers for luxury travel or view it as a necessity. Influencers only out to

Words of essence from Jesse Livermore

I am finally passed the half-way mark of slowly clawing back my 4-digit losses from trading last year.  Slowly... cos I chew and hop like a rabbit instead of swoop like an eagle. (When we hop around like the rabbit, we missed the gems. When we chew like a rabbit, we fail to take a big enough position when reward/risk is in our favour.) Considering that it is only the month of May now, I am hopeful that by end of this year I can at least break even. As the saying goes - "You don't have to win back the same way as you have lost.", I take it that it means winning back via a different trading strategy... Not get out of the game entirely. Trading is a totally different ball game from investing. In investing, we want the stock (which pays good yield) to be as stable as possible (low beta). Whereas in trading, we want volatility (like now) so we could reap profits via long or short. It's like riding a sight-seeing train versus riding a roller-coaster. Only with ski

Quick update - May 19

I have stopped pair trading completely and embarked on swing trading  before the trade war started. Again. Picked up my Jedi stick to train my psychology and temperament with a "never say die" attitude this time round. (So let me take back my previous conclusion in one of my posts...) What have I achieved YTD? To sum it up, it is not easy at all to beat the market as a trader. Despite missing the early rally in the first quarter of 2019, I count myself lucky to have caught some late rallies before they fade away like the rainbow. My "heroes" were Walt Disney and Monster Beverages. Pocketed some neat profits riding their uptrend and later got whipped out by the trailing stop during the price rally's pull-back. Setting Stop Loss is an art more than science. Trail too close and you would risk getting stopped out unwittingly, trail too far away and you would risk not locking in as much profits as you could have. This time, trading with a different psycho

10-minute decision making

I was on a blogging hiatus as my laptop broke down (after a good 7 years) and I procrastinated on shopping for it. I could have blogged on my phone, but... I just like the feeling of typing on a physical keyboard. Speaking of quirks lol. Today I purchased my second Acer laptop (hope it will last for at least another good 7 years), an Acer Aspire 5. It was a 10-minute decision on the spot. Just last week when I popped by the computer store, I was hesitant in making a purchase. So why the quick decision this time round? It boils down to one thing - I haven't gotten my criteria list ready the week before. It could be a breeze for one to do a one glance, "love at first sight" pick, or to click on the Buy button, then take out his favourite credit card to foot the bill. A fulfilling shopping process to me, however, takes time. Erm or should I say waste of time. Because when I window-shop, I usually don't buy things. The outcome of a 10-minute buying dec


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