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Year end reflections for 2019

Few more days to mark the end of year 2019. To sum it up for all of the long investors, it is a good bull run year and Santa Christmas very unlike last year's snow storm. For the nth time, market is unpredictable. No fancy blog post title for this as usual, not too creative here. The purpose is just to reflect - am I a better person today than yesterday?  There's no point in comparing our achievements to others' because each us have different starting points, end points and pace in our life journey.

4 takeaways from Fake by Robert Kiyosaki

My takeaways from Fake 1) Fake money Money is simply a medium of exchange. Fiat money are fake money as they can be manipulated by the central bank (so we have inflation, interest rate fluctuation all that sh*t). Gold and silver are God's money because they cannot be easily manipulated. If you want to be rich, buy and store gold. Cyptocurrency is possibly people's money because it also cannot be easily manipulated by central bank / governments either. [View this documentary on Bitcoin if you are interested to find out more.] He also referred to Grunch (GRoss UNiversal Cash Heist) - the book by Fuller which talks about future of the global economy and how the wealth of the people of the world was being “stolen” — via a giant, invisible heist — by the uber rich who control the world via our governments, central banks, corporations, educational institutions, the military industrial complex and financial institutions. "Grunch is impossible to see because

Inspiring commencement speeches

Like what J.K Rowling said about herself, I too can't remember a single word from the speaker at my graduation ceremony more than a decade ago. High chance that I might have fallen asleep as what I always did during lectures. I figured that the speaker at my commencement must not have been half as entertaining as Oprah and Rowling.  The commencement speeches below are true gems. Although it's well past the time that I should be listening to them, I still find them inspiring, timeless.  Oprah Winfrey's commencement speech JK Rowling's commencement speech Common points that I have distilled from their seemingly different messages are: We need to have a vision for ourselves - with that only can we pave our own path in life to success. (I like Oprah's case of her boyfriend asking her to go for a ride and she would ask 'to where?'.) We need to know what we are capable of and learn to make good impacts to the world with this talent/ ser


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