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My Defi adventure 5: Lessons from recent crypto crash

The sell-off sprees that happened about every weekend, in that period, were as predictable as the weekend markets. Making my heart plunge every time I check my massacred crypto portfolio. The ETH gas price had a record crazy surge (as degens rushed into action) and subsequently sank slowly to the lows as crypto prices plunged lower by the weeks.  Network was clogged. Even Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, at some point in this period. However, looking at the recent run up in prices and positive sentiment swing, perhaps we are out of the wood (FUD over? Such a short winter?). Still, I am not convinced of the $100,000 BTC year end target price prediction. My humble opinion is that BTC will continue to face resistance in the momentous upswing as long as the tug-o-war between policy makers and pro-crypto parties continues. Despite a possible slow climb moving foward, it has proven to be super rewarding for those that remain long in crypto for the past years to date, especially for the

3 ways (NOT) to be a post-retirement sluggard

Escape reality Since you don't have much things to expend your post-retirement energy surge on and the environment you live in is such a dull place, why not live in the virtual world? You can have utopia. You can build a character that you wished you were but are not. You can build an empire and a reputation, unrivalled by "anons" in the space.  It feels damn good.  You give yourself a pat on the back - virtually. Perhaps it does not matter that the REAL environment which you live, eat and shit in remains a dull and somewhat unpleasant place... Or you felt it was not worth your time to go change it.  There are always more and better satisfactions in conquering utopias, and chasing things that don't matter - in real life. How NOT to be a sluggard #1: Don't escape or bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. Use your finite resources, eg. time & energy, to make positive real changes around your real life . "Be the change you want to see in the world."