Battery life rescue for Samsung Galaxy SIII

This fast battery drain in android phone (specifically my Samsung S3) could happen after a system update, which besides giving me a slight change of interface it also gave me a plummeting battery life. I can charge my phone to full before I sleep and the next day woke up with only about 30% left. Damn frustrating. What I did was to do a cache update. Now how to do that?

1) After turning off the phone for 5 seconds, go to system set up by holding the Volume Up/Down, Home, & the Power button. Continue to hold all three until the screen flashes, then release all buttons.

2) Select using the Volume and power button - Cache update.

3) The system will restart itself.

Battery life increased by a considerably 3 folds thereafter. =)

Others also suggested clear cache, or turning off all those useless Samsung programs that's running in the background. Just check your RAM, if you see a lot of RAM used, probably all those are from junk programs are eating up your battery life. Go to application manager and disable them. And don't forget to turn on power saving mode under Settings --> My device if you want to conserve your battery through the day.


  1. I have tested a few Galaxy Gear smartwatches, and I can really say that those of you getting really bad battery life can be due to a few things. 800% batteries


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