Money flow and management

Banks are pumping up interest rates in the shortest time span ever. (I saw that CIMB is currently offering as high as 4.2% on its fixed deposit! A rise of 1-2% in interest from just a few months ago. Darn, I should have waited.) This interest hiking spree is attributed to FED's rate hike , which caused the treasury bills yield to be climbing for a while. Hot money (from past QEs) have been flowing out of risk assets (cryptos, equities, junk bonds etc) to the supposedly more secure assets (bank deposits and gov bonds). Note that periods of past FED rate hikes are in year 1999-2000, 2004-2006 and 2007-2008. Then we see rate cuts after these periods. Inflation and loans interest rates have been climbing too. Layoffs are starting, economy seemed to be slowing. We won't be surprised to see  recession , perhaps from next year, if the FED rate hike and inflation continue at this pace. Gotta keep a watch out for recession trends like a rise in the unemployment rate and a decrease in GD

Inflation, crypto bank run and investment updates

I am finally back again after a 3 months blog hiatus. Not crushed or lost in space. I have started lately on a regular 35-hr work week and on my rest days I was preoccupied with taking care of family, household chores, going out with friends, reading novels and basically chilling. No inspiring topic here, just some quick updates. Inflation Despite most impacted by the rise in food prices, in terms of household expenses inflation, my family managed to get by comfortably enough on tingkat and homecook food. My next highest personal expenditure, after transportation, is meal-out with friends. With my regular work hours, income level has improved with slight sacrifice in terms of energy level. So I figured it justifies having those $20-per-pax dinners occasionally.  I am made poorer too by my favourite eat-out food that have gone up in price by 10% or more! Mcd FOF meal $5 --> $5.80, Stuff'd chicken burrito $7.30 -> $8.10, Subway value meal $5.90 -> $6.50. T.T Currently going

A review on my crypto holdings - officially in winterland

I have been watching the bearish market unfold on the sideline, one that whacked almost every single asset class except for oil. Gold was not spared either as its price is sensitive to the Fed's rate hike. (Since it is mostly used as an inflation hedge in an investment portfolio, the non-yielding asset will have continued selling pressure if Fed continues its interest rate hike.) The worst of the bear-beaten lot must be cryptocurrency. Summer seems officially over and I don't know how long will this winter lasts. The massacre just got worse these few days. I was too confident and complacent last year to not harvest a fair share of profits while the sun shines. At the beginning of this year, I still DCA-ed into a few of them and thought maybe the sky was just... cloudy.. Until the hail storm comes, I have finally awoken to the fact that it is really winter now and how one catastrophe can trigger huge ripple effects. Some of my holdings with biggest price percentage decline: List

The Truth About FIRE

Richard Coffin @ The Plain Bagel Quoting -  "Often I ll see someone promoting FIRE as something that comes down more to mindset than your circumstance as though it's something available to everyone." Quoting -  "Whether it's worth taking the risks and downsides associated with FIRE comes down to your own VALUE ." My takeaway on whether FIRE is for one or not is very simple -  Can FIRE bring you what you desire and enjoy in life? Related posts: Retirement planning  3 ways (NOT) to be a post-retirement sluggard Thoughts about Financial Freedom part III  Thoughts about Financial Freedom part II  Thoughts about Financial Freedom part I Like what you read? Follow me on  Facebook  or  Twitter  for updates and news I dig. Check out my referrals for fantastic sign up bonuses on SAXO, Moomoo, Gemini, Celsius, Blockfi and more. 🤗 Thanks for reading!

3 power crypto articles from 2021

Among many great crypto articles I have read last year, I have curated three of which I felt are still relevant to date and very insightful. If you are looking to read more brain-stimulating articles, you could also check out my recommendations in the  Weekend Brain Food series  (mostly are non-crypto related). So here we go. Trading the metagame "Watching the winners & locating the problems in crypto can be a way of identifying potential metagames in advance." "Sometimes you can simply see that you missed the current meta and use that info to exit positions that are out of meta to preserve value , or just take a break and restore mental energy. As the meta and attention shifts to new things, capital bleeds out of previous metas. People sell the last meta they fomo’d for the next one. It’s a video game. Players want to play, they don’t want to be idle. Traders use the meta to exit/rebalance longer-term positions. If you had a big position in some token, which sudden

Making sense of Defi concepts - Curve's tokenomic on Convex Finance

What is Curve Finance? Before we dive into the tokenomic, I would recommend reading this article as a primer if you are not familiar yet with the Curve Protocol - Three minutes to take you to understand Curve Finance, the king of stablecoin trading platforms . (The article took me about 13 minutes to read instead of 3!) [I have purposely coloured the texts of various tokens such that it is easier to differentiate them as you read.] CRV is the native token of Curve Finance and distributed as reward for providing liquidity to the protocol. Now let's take a look at the brother protocol of Curve which serves a different purpose - Convex Finance. What is Convex Finance? It is a protocol that allows liquidity providers to earn trading fees and claim boosted CRV without locking up CRV themselves. Liquidity providers can receive boosted CRV and liquidity mining rewards (on Sushi) This means that one can stake their Curve LP token with ConvexFinance to get Convex LP tokens and then stake

DBS Woman's Credit Card - How much rebate can I get in %?

Nowadays I tend to do most of my shopping online, so I am looking for a credit card that can offer maximum rebate based on my spending pattern. My most actively used one was the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback card, which gives a flat 1.5% cashback on all spending. No minimum spend, no cashback cap. I just pretty much tagged every spending to it, as long as credit card is accepted for payment. That's until my Ruby card  came along with a 2% rebate in CRO. However, my CRO card cannot be used to top up wallets of platforms like Grabpay, Shopee. It worked well for normal online transactions in SGD as well as Paywave transactions at stores. One caveat to earning credit cards' reward for me is that I don't spend a lot per month, so hitting auspicious figures like $888 or $600 to be eligible for some higher tier rebate is mission impossible. That brought me to look at DBS Woman's Card which awards points for spending and they can be redeemed in minimum of 1


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