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I work best when my boss is not around

Why? I can work at my 'own time, own pace' at researching, planning and implementing new projects, rather than having to keep fine-tuning things that are already in place. I am better motivated by stories and visions. Less so by money and in-between kind of power. Anyway since I am not doing sales, technically speaking, I have less 'rights' to ask for higher pay / monetary rewards. :( Boss likes to micro-manage and correct things down to the bones, so there are often drafts after drafts to submit. Boss likes to change his mind frequently. I call it "roti-prata" style. When I am stressed with too many little things (multi-tasking over stretched), my work efficiency drops drastically as I will keep 'forgetting things'. People don't quit because of the job. People quit because of the boss. 

OCBC repurchases share from market

"Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (SGX:039) commences share repurchases on May 9, 2017, under the program mandated by the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting held on April 28, 2017. As per the mandate, the company will repurchase up to 209,124,917 shares, representing 5% of the issued ordinary share capital. "  That may be one of the reasons why its share price was heading up in the past weeks. Its price was downhill when I bought, finally it is making a turn. In one of my previous posts I was lamenting that I should not have reinvested my dividends as shares. Lol. DBS has shown a fantastically whooping >20% increase in share price from last year.  Is it time to eat the cake? Hmm... All I know is that we can never get our timing 100% right, if we are 70-80% right that is already very good hit. Even when I time my entry to DBS I also didn't manage to 'buy at the lowest'. Buy LOW, sell HIGH. The logic is very simple. Yet somehow we


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