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Bear trend continues - The Euro (PIG) crisis

The Euro crisis has caused another wave of dip in STI. Watch out for the next support level at 2650 points (BT). With the World Cup kicking in, it is believed that STI will continue to fall in the wane market conditions... Source: The Business Times May 22 2010 ***

Bidding websites - big business in small world

Speaking of innovative business, gimmicks aside, the Online Bidding business looks like a lucrative business which worked almost like the casino concept. It plays on basic human elements like competition, luck & gamble and the evil of all evils - GREED. If cleverly designed with a user-friendly interface less bug issues, it would work perfectly as a money machine. The blog-shops that I have been so intrigued with seemed to have paled much in comparison. For one, many shoppers still prefer to buy clothes at boutiques where they can try the clothes all they want, feel the textiles and check for imperfections before drawing out the wallets. (I tried purchaing a dress online once during a blog-shop sales. Although the workmanship is not up to mark and some alterations has got to be made, I can't complain much for a $15.00 buy can I? Purchase-smart is the key.) Just to clarify, online bidding businesses I am talking about here is not ebay or yaHoo auction because those serve mainly


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