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Troubleshoot Facebook on Mozilla Firefox

If one fine day after clearing all history and cookies in your mozilla firefox browser, you find that Facebook cannot load properly anymore - it gives no interface and has only blue words of links aligned vertically down a white page, what do you think has happened? SLL certificate of site expired? Malware virus attack? Your Mozilla version is outdated or has problem? Firewall problem? WRONG. After much precious time wasted on a clueless search and trying multiple futile ways to restore what I thought is a technical fault with my Mozilla, I just found out (feeling like a complete idiot) that it is because the TIME of my computer is not set right. It has to be of the correct local time for the darn webpage to load -- properly. *faintz* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Went bargain hunting for a laptop today after a long research online on the various brands and specs. It's been a long time since I go computer shopping, so was qui