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Sharing spirit

Couple of months back I was really upset when my laptop crashed and I could not retrieve the data in my presumably still workable HDD, as the HDD enclosure which I bought through Shopee came with a faulty cable. Upon reading  Investmoatmoat's post , I came to know of the HDD adapter converter cable. So I bought it (also through Shopee for about SGD5) and tested it out today. To my pleasant surprise, it worked like a charm! The folders auto-popped up upon connection and I managed to retrieve all my precious saved photos and favourite links with only a few clicks. Phew! Looks ugly but who cares as long as it works Funny that it wasn't a financial post that got me fired up for this blog post. In that same instance of gratefulness, I was thinking how  we may have taken for granted  many valuable sharing from the blogosphere. --- Pause for a moment... Have you came across a post that saved your day? Have you came across a post that changed one or more of y

Weekend brain food I

I have been blogging significantly lesser these days it has gotten busier at work and I just feel like chilling on weekends instead of crunching data and doing reviews. These days the stock price movements have been very sensitive to the FED and trade talk news such that I find it almost pointless to do much analysis (almost no good stocks I want to get are considered under-valued). Just glad that I have picked up some OUE reit, First reit and Capitaland in the past couple of months, regretful that I sold mapletree logistics. Here are some recommended readings today for the bored minds: What is Barbell Investment Strategy Heavy on either extremes but light in the middle "This is a  problem of scale . For someone ‘big’ enough, the bets on the 10 to 15 per cent side make up for the stagnant 85 to 90 per cent. Let’s say Taleb’s net worth is $5 million. That means he’s got a whopping ~$750,000 to spread around a diversified basket of highly speculative bets.


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