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C52 Comfort Delgro - downtrend continues

Start of downtrend Still no sign of reversal... Speaking those who buy-and-hold versus those who chased the market.  Who's the winner? Ah... the good ol' days. *Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in C52 currently.

Richdad's cashflow game

My friend introduced me to the richdad's cashflow game which can be played online for free ( click here to play ). I think it's a great beginner learning tool to introduce kids (or anyone else lacking in financial literacy) to grasp certain concepts of cash-flow and investing. My takeaways from the game Clear your debts first. ( A good read here. ) You don't have to act on every opportunity Calculate the yield % on investments that give passive income before investing Investing needs both elements of skill and luck Buy low , sell high (patience, patience... duh) More money = more investmen t opportunities = higher returns Life likes to throw you the unexpected when you least expect it Even if you have achieved financial freedom , you might not necessarily get to achieve your dream ***

When to sell in a bull market?

“Bull markets are born in pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria (exhilaration). The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” - Sir John Templeton Image source: Read also:  Knowing when to sell your shares Technical indicators for selling

Blockchain: Massively Simplified

All that hype about bitcoins and block-chain led me to wonder what am I missing out here. Ok... so bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (with no practical usage at this point in time but price is inflating like mad balloon??). Then what is blockchain about? Just wondering - if blockchain one day became hackable, wouldn't that spell hell?

ADVANC's intention to acquire stake in Singtel

Did I read wrong? "Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (SET:ADVANC) signed a non-binding and conditional letter of intent to acquire 56.2% stake in Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX:Z74) from Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX:Z74) and DTV Service Company Limited for THB 2.6 billion on September 5, 2017. The shares will be acquired at a preliminary indicative price of THB 7.8 per share which is subject to further negotiations and/or due diligence. The transaction is subject to satisfaction in the due diligence result, approval from the Board of Directors and the approval from the shareholders of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited, Thaicom Public Company Limited and Singapore Telecommunication Limited" [Source: SGX ] 2.6 billion (2600 millions) THB is only about SGD 106 millions. I wonder how they came up and justify with such low figure in the letter of intent for acquisition. Or maybe there's some missing link here? Baffled.

The "chionging" bull

S&P500 now at 254 . Chiong, chiong, chiong. Good for those who bought and huat, huat, huat. --- STI now at 3291 . Courtesy of iStock

Who's investment style (武林秘籍) shall I follow?

Introducing the famous... Short-term Traders Ricardo, Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Steinhardt -------------------------- Value Investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett ---------------------- Growth Investors Philips Fisher, Rowe Price, Peter Lynch --------------------- Passive /Index Investor John Bogle (founder of Vanguard) --------------------- ---- Or how about... mixed martial arts for me? 黑猫白猫🐱 ,会捉老鼠就是好猫。

Apps for little rewards in Singapore

In addition to using credit cards or debit card in spending to get 'rewards', here are 2 other avenues that require minimal efforts to get little rewards. As they worked via app, it is really convenient. You only need to remember to scan within the same day to get the points. :) 1) CapitaStar$ If you stay or work near any Capital mall, this would be a good app to have (you can also get bonus Star$ for using the app the first time). Simply  spend a minimum of $20 or more  in a single receipt. Just a little tip on scanning or taking photo of your receipt - do ensure that the date of transaction, transaction number , total transaction cost and shop address are clearly shown. Otherwise, your receipt will get rejected. Also, remember to scan in on the day itself or on the next day of purchase to be eligible. Good news for Passion Card member, you can also link up your account to your star$ account to earn 1.5x Star$ (normally is 5 star$ awarded with every 1 dollar spen

Good lobang - DBS Visa Debit Card

Image Highlights: From now till 31 st   December 2017, accumulate a foreign currency spend of S$1,500 on DBS Visa Debit Card and get S$50 Cashback. Get S$10 Cashback when you charge S$200 to your new DBS Visa Debit Card within the first month. Get  5% cashback   when you pay using Visa payWave, through your card,   Apple Pay ,   Samsung Pay   or   Android Pay . Keep your cash withdrawals to three times or less and up to S$400 every month. The deal's a bit sweeter than the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back credit card which I have just gotten. (However, SC's sign up cash back is damn good.) --------------------- The best decision I made today is to bring in my clothes, even though it was bright and sunny before I left house. 天有不测风云。It started raining cats and dogs when I was walking home.  Moral of the story: Make hay while it shines. Jus

Blue-black chips' 2 years flash back

A quick recall to my old blog post  Blue Chips in Red Sea , I have done another mini simulation here. (Got nothing much to do in my short break before starting new work hehe.) This was the list I put up in Sep 2015 - Fast forward 2 years ... Which are the 'blue-black chips'? Most of the chips managed to rebound quite a bit, except Noble Group and a handful of the black sheep. CityDev, Jardine, Genting and GLP soared. [Apologies for missing out Capitaland that time.] Have you made the right choices 2 years back? :) -- Let's take a look at how the 'blue-black chips' dividends are   doing. ComfortDelgro - Yield has increased YOY. Recent dividend payout in August was $0.0435. As for how its dividends would keep up in future I find it hard to say since it has quite a few sub business units to keep it afloat while Uber and Grab grabbed its taxi market share. At least one can take comfort in its dividends. No pun intended. HPH

Peter Lynch and the blue chips

It's always good to learn something new from blog reading. Those scraps of information are like bread crumbs which can lead me to discover more interesting stuff about investing - to know what I don't know. As the saying goes, danger lies when you don't know what you don't know. Stalwart - simi lai? "Stalwart is a term popularized by legendary stock picker Peter Lynch to describe a large, well-established company that still offers long-term growth potential. " "In addition to a strong balance sheet, one of Lynch’s key measures for a stalwart company is the P/E growth ratio (PEG) , which is calculated by dividing the company’s price-to-earnings (PE) ratio by its earnings growth rate . Lynch determined that PEGs below 1.0 were an indication of an underpriced stock relative to its growth rate. He considered stocks with PEGs below 0.5 to be a real bargain. For dividend-paying companies, he factored in the dividend yield to arrive at a yield-adjusted PEG


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