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Hoohaa on Preference Shares - What are they?

Many companies seemed to be in a money-raising flurry lately in the growing Asia economy, thus providing various investment opportunities eg. bond issues, preference share issues, rights issue etc for eager investors. In attempt to find out more, I came across this article good for a casual read . So what exactly is Preference Share? Here is the definition from What Does Preference Shares Mean? Company stock with dividends that are paid to shareholders before common stock dividends are paid out. In the event of a company bankruptcy, preferred stock shareholders have a right to be paid company assets first. Preference shares typically pay a fixed dividend, whereas common stocks do not. And unlike common shareholders, preference share shareholders usually do not have voting rights. Also referred to as preferred stock. There are four types of preference shares: Cumulative preferred

Coaching for coach-to-be

Today I went for a "basic leadership for new trainers" course which is very useful and enriching. To sum it up, I have learnt these things: 1) Get to know your student - Everyone has different values and different perspectives. Get to know them through casual interviewing and see how from there you can build rapport. Trust --> Cooperation --> Change. 2) Always be positive - If you want your student to follow, be a role model. Even if you think certain things are stupid but has to be done. Don't say they are stupid, don't say you disagree, otherwise it will leave a negative impression. Put it in a 'matter-of-factly' way and tell them they have to do it. 3) Be encouraging - Appreciate the good things that your students have done, give them a 'pat-on-the-back' if they have done something right / good once in a while. In times they did wrong, don't say "You are wrong" but coach them. Get them to check the things that they have do

Short update - STI rebounded after quake

I wonder where's the next resistance point. Just realised my portfolio is kinda weak. It's really peanuts compared to some investor-bloggers like Wealth Buch. Amidst the uncertainty, I divested some money into bond (F&N) which is supposed to be giving a more stable but lower yield as compared to stock. I was looking into buying more of the fund I am vested in but ironically it dropped but not low enough to add to more sum. Missed the opportunity to buy in more BakerT at 0.30 (support level) during the Japan earthquake stock plunge. Now it has risen back to 0.43c. Oh well lalala. Have been receiving annual reports from my various invested companies. Looking forward to dividend time... Not much to speak of but better than nothing. ------------------------------------------------------------ My simple $ principles: ~ Simple lifestyle - don't indulge and become a brand slave. ~ Work & save regularly - that's no-brainer ~ Invest smart - diversity. you