Bonds in my portfolio

What's the latest fad now besides FIRE?

The akan datang SIA bond!

I just realised that I hardly mentioned anything about bonds in my portfolio. FYI they have been playing a rather significant role in stabilizing my investment portfolio, especially in times of market volatility. In fact, at this point in time, about half of my paper assets are in bond (gasp! surprise, surprise...), so you can see how much I value them. I must also give them credit for helping my Multiplier Account to multiply $!

My proud bonds collection:

10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Oct15)

10 years SGS bond at 2.39% (May18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.63% (Jul18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.44% (Sep18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.57% (Dec18)

10 years SGS bond at 2.45% (Jan19)

FCL 3.65% treasury (2022)

Perannial 4.55% bond (2020)

When I saw Uncle8888's 3-liner blog post:

"To lend at 3.03% interest rate in hope of Return OF Capital???

Got screw loose somewhere???

Why need detailed analysis???"

my reaction was of course... LMAO.

Nothing can be more succinct and straight-forward than this to describe sentiment on the SIA bond. 

In summary:

SSB SIA bond
Capital protected
not protected. capital duly returned only after 5 yrs & if nothing happens to SIA
Liquidity Redeemable any time with $2 admin fee Depends on the market demand

I shall wait patiently for another retail bond to come along as I certainly have no loose screw!


Recent trade actions: short BABA, short MNST

Fingers itchy again.

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  1. Still young. Can afford itchy fingers.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes, Cory. My brain's not coordinating with fingers after 12 midnight when writing the post.
      Thanks for pointing out!


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