Apps for little rewards in Singapore

In addition to using credit cards or debit card in spending to get 'rewards', here are 2 other avenues that require minimal efforts to get little rewards.

As they worked via app, it is really convenient. You only need to remember to scan within the same day to get the points. :)

1) CapitaStar$

If you stay or work near any Capital mall, this would be a good app to have (you can also get bonus Star$ for using the app the first time). Simply spend a minimum of $20 or more in a single receipt. Just a little tip on scanning or taking photo of your receipt - do ensure that the date of transaction, transaction number, total transaction cost and shop address are clearly shown. Otherwise, your receipt will get rejected. Also, remember to scan in on the day itself or on the next day of purchase to be eligible.

Good news for Passion Card member, you can also link up your account to your star$ account to earn 1.5x Star$ (normally is 5 star$ awarded with every 1 dollar spent).

You can also convert the star$ to Tap-for-more points (11 to 1). However, saving enough star$ to get voucher is more 'hua suan' because 5000 star$ can get you a $5 capitamall voucher versus 150 points (1650 star$) for offset of $1.

Remember to redeem before expiry at year end!

2) Healthy 365

This app by Health Promotion Board works similarly to CapitaStar. Just that you scan the QR code on the receipt to redeem Healthpoints (till 31 Oct 2017) instead of star$. Click here for full t&c.

Upon first use, you can get bonus Healthpoints. So it is really easy to get enough points to redeem say an NTUC $5 voucher.

Participating merchants are selected food courts, hawker centre, restaurant (even Mcdonald's), coffeeshop, drink kiosk (like Mr Bean) convenient stores and supermarkets.

All you have to do is look out for and purchase food, drinks or products with the healthier choice logo to earn the points.

3) ActivSG

Government sponsored all Singaporeans $100 since the year before to encourage more physical activity and sports engagement. If you have not finished utilizing your credit, do purchase something using the app by end of this year to qualify for carry forward of the credit to next year. If not, they will expire on 31st December.

And a side note for those who travel by BMW (bus, mrt, walk), you can participate in the Travel Smart Reward program to earn some points and rebate when you travel during off peak periods with your ezlink card.

Know of any other apps that reward you for your daily activities? Please share!


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