Troubleshoot Draco TV setup box

Another just-for-fun gadget troubleshoot post here. Stock market is currently too boring and I am not about to post another 'Blue chips still still in red sea" + triple sad face.

I have just bought a digital tv setup box in preparation for UHF digital signal migration which is reported to be entirely replacing the current analogue signal by 2016. If you have no idea what I am talking about or have not watched the Kim Ng's advertisement saying how clear her pink hair would look on digital, please youtube it.

If you already possess a digital TV (you will know if it has that label on the black box below), you would just need to purchase an antenna to receive the signal. And those of you with subscribed TV channels eg. Mio, you don't need to get any set up box or antenna.

Troubleshoot questions and answers

If you don't want to pay all this fees (below), please read on.

How to receive the signal?

1. Ensure the antenna that comes together with the set up box is properly plugged into the 'RF in' port.
2. On the switch at the side but don't roll to the max.
3. Switch to the HDMI screen and wait for menu to show. (If you are using HDMI cable. For those using coaxial cables, erm you need to try switching around to find the screen output for it)
4. Select antenna 'on'. 'On' the beep sound as well so you could tell if the antenna is receiving the signal well.
5. Position the antenna where you can hear the beep loudly (most often is near the window). Adjust its power using the on/off switch at the side.
6. Try scanning for channels.

It fails to detect any channel after scanning. What next?

1. Reset the setup to factory setting using the password '1234'.
2. Repeat the steps above on receiving signal.

It fails to capture some channels. So how to retrieve them?

1. Delete all existing channels or do a factory reset.
2. Go to tool menu and scan for channels again. Ensure the frequency is in UHF.

The antenna must sit on my window sill to receive signal. So unglam, sigh... It also seemed like some channels are easier to receive than others and even the slightest change in proximity from the window can cause signal loss. Image quality wise is not fantastically clearer either, probably because my TV is already on High Definition. The colour tones look a bit different or I would say brighter that's all.

I wonder when would Mediacorp totally phase out the analogue RF next year. Only then I would totally switch over and teach my mom how to operate Draco as she prefers the 'on-switch-can-watch' tv for now. =.="


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