In love with yogasana and pilate

It's been 2 months since I joined Amore Fitness and I can feel my muscles strength and endurance improving. Although my stamina is still bad as I haven't gone for any cardio activities. Here's what I like and dislike about it.

- Has a vast variety of classes from dances like hip hop, Bollywood to pilates and yoga.
- Has classes spanning over many time slots almost through out the day.
- Walk-ins gym and classes (except for a few peak hour classes have to book 1 week in advance)
- They have many instructors so if you don't like one, can always choose another class to go to.
- Clean venue, big lockers, convenient location and ladies-only (for the branch I signed up at)
- Shower facility and towels provided

- Need $160 sign up fee (for member card)
- Only when you have the time to go consistently will you get your 1 month $138 unlimited gym (one club) sign up worth. If you go by per entry it is simply too expensive.
- Instructors don't have time to correct student by student due to cohort teaching. You just have to be a quick learner.
- Difficulty level may vary between instructors, some basic classes are really basic whereas some basic is not so basic. I had it tough when I first joined by just going for a pilate class without first trying out the basic.
- Studios are small, at 12 would be already quite cramp
- Shoes lockers are mostly all booked

I didn't know the difference between yoga, yogasana and pilate until I joined the classes. Yoga needs too much flexibility for my stubborn bones, I couldn't even do some of the basic stances. Yogasana which focuses more on pose and body balance is less difficult in contrast but need more strength and tolerance.

Pilate focuses on body muscles - tummy, arm, leg muscles and core strength. Doing the plank correctly is the basic. I did not realise I have got a bad right elbow (probably due to prolonged computer mouse usage) until I practised pilate. Thereafter, I set to massage and exercise to strengthen it.

More updates on my progress next time. :)



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