Coaching for coach-to-be

Today I went for a "basic leadership for new trainers" course which is very useful and enriching. To sum it up, I have learnt these things:

1) Get to know your student

- Everyone has different values and different perspectives. Get to know them through casual interviewing and see how from there you can build rapport. Trust --> Cooperation --> Change.

2) Always be positive

- If you want your student to follow, be a role model. Even if you think certain things are stupid but has to be done. Don't say they are stupid, don't say you disagree, otherwise it will leave a negative impression. Put it in a 'matter-of-factly' way and tell them they have to do it.

3) Be encouraging

- Appreciate the good things that your students have done, give them a 'pat-on-the-back' if they have done something right / good once in a while. In times they did wrong, don't say "You are wrong" but coach them. Get them to check the things that they have done again.

4) To be specific in coaching

- Don't tell them what qualities/skills are expected of them. Tell them exactly WHAT are expected. To be 'responsible', 'to be independent', 'to be friendly'... these are too vague. Tell them the ACTIONS and behaviors that would lead them to exhibit the qualities you want to see.

Very simple concepts, ought to be useful as well. Need to practice on them. This coming June heh...

Another thing which I have learnt from HAP which I finally went for is Motivational Interviewing. It is a very challenging technique to master but widely applicable in many situations. Empathy by reflective listening, don't get into an argument, throw the ball back in the other party's court so that he would think for himself, ask permission before giving advice... Bits and pieces that I have picked up but yet to fully grasp.

Going for courses can be rewarding. There's a lot more to coaching than I thought and it's not just about sharing of knowledge. Makes me reflect on what I have gone through during my short relief teaching stint and tuition lessons. My favourite technique in the past was - nag.



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