6 of Asia's most expensive homes

Skyscraper for a home? See this link http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/none/6-asias-most-expensive-houses-820027

Now, which is the one you aspire to live in the most if you have that kind of money?

These homes seem more like museums to me really. Find them too extravagant to be called homes... well, maybe not for these billionaires who are overflowing with monies in their banks. For somebody like me who have been staying in a small Singapore flat all my life, it's hard to imagine how living in HUGE spaces like those would feel like.

Shiok or not? Would people lose their way in there? Do they truely qualify as cozy and comfy?

To me, I would think that living with a warm close-knitted family in any decent housing would very much suffice as cozy and comfy. =)


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