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Celsius is offering a bunch of sign up and deposit promotions. My only gripe is the jumping of hoops to gather all the rewards ...
Celsius network is a financial technology (fintech) platform that offers interest-bearing savings accounts, borrowing, and payments with digital and fiat assets. Something like Blockfi which I have previously mentioned. It offers more than 35 tokens on platform for deposits. It also offers loan. If you are considering opening a Celsius account to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies, read on.

Celsius Promo Codes Stacking

Due to the attractive sign up rewards, promotions and recommendations, I decided to give it a try. I was previously using Blockfi for earning stablecoins interest as they were running a 10% APY promo till end of July. Celsius offers a clean and easy-to-navigate app platform interface and now has a web app as well. My only gripe is the jumping of hoops to gather all the rewards on signing up and I kind of failed my hoop-jump attempt. 

To save new users from some angst, I will share how to juice the sign up rewards correctly below.

Celsius will always update their active promo codes frequently here. So do check it out.

How to make it work:

  • After downloading the app, enter a Referral code prior to creating a wallet. Follow their guide here for a clearer illustration. Ensure that you see the pop-up that Referral code has been successfully entered before proceeding to create wallet and submitting KYC details.

    (Use my referral code <197972828c> to get $40 worth of BTC as sign up reward. Reward applies for both referrer and new user.)
  • Promo codes must be stacked in the correct order for reaping all the rewards or you will get forfeited on one or more of it. Who would freakin go and read about their FIFO policy in the midst of signing up right?! Ok, go and read it now.

  • The new users promo code must always be entered first, followed by the general one (for existing user) and cannot be the other way round. 

  • Don't do any transfer until you have successfully stacked all the codes. Once done, you can transfer in whatever amount of qualifying assets to lock in the promo rewards.

In summary, the steps are:

  1. Log in to app, don't create a wallet first. Enter the referral code by clicking the blue button below.
  2. Create wallet.
  3. Go to profile --> Promo code
  4. Enter new user's promo code e.g Defirate.
  5. Then enter existing user's promo code.
  6. Do the transfer of your preferred token in batches, as the locking goes tier by tier. (Value would be based on the market rate on the day of transfer and will be locked unless you withdraw the token prematurely before reward payout.)

Yeah, it is like playing chess. No reversal on a wrong move! Or you see 💸

Update 30/8/21: 

For referral and new user promo code "Defirate", it does not matter in which order they are being applied as long as your total fund deposited meets the sum of both promo's required amount eg. $400+$400=$800. You can also apply the codes on different dates and deposit the required amount for each code on different dates, but note that the 1 month lock-in period will commence from the date of deposit for the respective code. You can check whether the 1 month is up / success status by clicking the BTC token and look for the BTC locked (for promo) from the transaction list.

If there's tiered promo, always stack the lowest value FIRST. If you stack the highest one first, you would end up having to transfer $ to fulfill the first promo before you can fulfil the second one for reward. 

Moving your assets need not mean forfeiting your promo code if...

If your promo code is in "pending" status you can still move your assets out without forfeiting it.

As the program tracks your initial balance as the USD equivalent amount BEFORE you move your assets, you just need to top it back up to the initial amount (regardless of asset type) later and, on top of that, the amount required to lock in the promo. Once all in, you can see from your profile under Promo Code that the status will be changed to "locked" from "pending".

Have fun promo unlocking!

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Thanks for reading!

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