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No no, this blog's not sold. It's your same old Rainbow with a brand new domain! In this post, I will share how to enable BAT tipping on your website.

I have been thinking of getting the .com domain for my blog for the longest time. What put me off was the exorbitant price of my previous blog name's domain. As hilarious as it seems, domains that ends with "coin" these days are mostly taken or auctioned at crazy prices (you can google that). Since I am not ICO-ing or commercializing anything, I don't see a point to bid for it. So I got to ditch the "coin" and embark on brain-storming for another short and sweet domain name, one that will not risk much of an identity loss to my original blog. 

Rainbowonfi Blog

Finally, I settled for, which has exactly the same number of letters as my previous blog name 'rainbowcoin'; it is also quite catchy to remember. 

"FI" stands for Financial Independence. This is in line with what I have been trying to achieve since I started writing this blog. No "RE" here cos I am not an advocate of early retirement. (Coincidentally, Namecheap site was running a really good promotion for .com domain name purchase at USD4 for the first year! Not kidding, you gotta sign up with them first to activate the promo code, which was shown on their Domain Search page for you to copy and paste.) 

With a sparkling new domain, I also gave my blog template an overhaul to make it more elegant, content-focused and less cluttered. I called it the once-in-ten-years spring cleaning! The bottom-most section is still showing news feed as I like to use my blog to capture financial news from RSS for my own reading pleasure.  Of course, my blog readers can tap on it too. There's now the share via social media icon appearing in each of my post, which I could not get to work with my previous template for unknown reason. Do share posts that you like! I also find that this template is more user-friendly on mobile browser apps. Fellow bloggers that I follow, don't worry, your blog links are still there. Albeit hidden in the side menu. I am still sticking with the blogspot platform, as I do not see much benefit in shifting to say Wordpress besides having more choices of templates, plug-ins, customization and meta-descriptions that would work on Twitter? (Ok... sounds more than a handful of benefits here BUT need to pay.) 

Besides a neat web address, I have noticed a little side perk in owning a domain - which is getting a BAT tipping function. With that, Brave browser users who find your content useful can drop you BAT tips. I have switched to using the Brave browser for a while since it's UI is like 99% similar to Chrome, which I was previously using. It boast an ad-free function (yes, no more annoying guru commercials on Youtube!) and you can earn yourself some BAT crypto token reward in the process which can be exchanged for cash. So it's basically killing two birds with one stone. You can also read Seedly's for its review.

For a DNS starter like me, it took me a while to figure out how to activate this BAT tipping thingy. I gave up with the "well_known folder" method and found the "advanced DNS" method actually simpler. Now that I know, let me share with you how to go about with it.

Adding your website to Brave to earn BAT tips (via DNS record):

1) Sign up for an account at

2) Click on Add Channel

3) Type in your website address (note: you cannot do this for free subdomains of blogger or wordpress)

4) Complete verification by doing the following:

-Copy the entire text from the box under "Value (or TXT Value / Data)" on the guide page
-Go to the Advanced DNS setting at your domain provider's page
-Select Type "TXT" from the drop down, enter "@" in the Host (this points to your main domain)
-Paste the unique Brave token copied into the txt-value field.
-Save the settings.
-Go back to your Brave guide page and click "Verify DNS Record" button at the bottom.

If there's no error message, that means it is successful or you could wait for an hour or so before clicking verify again. If still unsuccessful, double check the above steps again.

When your users click the red BAT icon at the address bar, it will now show that your site is a "Brave Verified Creator".

Send BAT Tip

Verified BAT Site

And you can choose the amount of BAT you want to tip, provided you have enough BAT in your wallet. 

This also can be done for social media accounts like Twitter or Reddit.


I am currently on forced Barista FIRE (you ask what on earth is that?). In a nutshell, now I am working part time while caring for my family and living on passive + earned income. The nature of my mainline work requires full physical presence, hence I am unable to work from home.

Working part-time to me is "selling my time and skill". I am exploring the possibility of "selling content", since most of the time I am home and would like to stay at home. However, at this point in time, I am still not engaged on that and shall be on a look out for such opportunities.

What are some other perks for having your own domain? What content do you love to create?

Please share in the comment box below.

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