Blog rebranding

No no, this blog's not sold. It's your same old Rainbow here.

I have been thinking of getting a ".com" domain for my blog for a long while. What puts me off from action was the exorbitant price of my previous blog name's domain.

As hilarious as it seems, any domain that ends with "coin" these days are being auctioned at crazy prices (you can google that to verify) due to the crypto popularity up rise. Since I am not ICO-ing or earning crazy bucks for blogging, I don't see a point to bid for it. So I finally decided to go ahead with a domain but ditch the "coin" and brain-storm for an alternative blog name - one that will not risk much of an identity loss to my original.

Birth of my new domain

Rainbowonfi Blog

It takes a bit of trial-and-error before I settled for, which contains the same number of letters as my previous blog name. I find it quite catchy and easy to remember. Google it and it straight away appears at the top of the list.

I designed my logo with a logo-making app in 3 steps, so it may not be the most sophisticated. However, it is fully representative of what my blog advocates - readings for the community. It started 10 years ago as "readings for myself" with less than 50 views per post in the first few years and has since grown to an average of 1k views per post now.

Why fi? Wifi? 

"FI" stands for Financial Independence. This is in line with what I have been trying to achieve since I started personal finance management. I didn't put "RE" here as I am not an advocate of early retirement. 

I was lucky to find Namecheap running a really good promotion for .com domain hosting and I purchased at USD4 for one year. Not kidding, you just gotta sign up first to activate the promo code, which was shown on their Domain Search page, then copy and paste before payment.

New blog template

With a sparkling new domain, I also gave my blog template an overhaul, which hopefully appears as more elegant, content-focused and less cluttered. The bottom-most section is still showing news feed as I like to use my blog as a convenient site to capture financial news for my own reading pleasure (for yours too). I also find this template more user-friendly on mobile browser apps (forgive the ads). As for fellow bloggers whom I follow, their blog links are available on the side menu (click to expand). 

I am still sticking with the Blogger platform as I do not see much benefit shifting to WordPress, despite more choices of templates, plug-ins and customizations. Ok... sounds more than a handful of benefits but need to pay versus FOC for blogspot. At this point in time I don't see a need for customizable template or additional features.

Contents sharing

Comparing "selling my time and skill" with "selling content / creation", the latter gives me more joy, flexibility and possibility for future developments.

So please look forward to more sharing from my refreshed blog. Best of all you need to don't pay a cent! (Optional to support me by BAT tipping or ads clicking.)

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Thanks for reading!


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