Borrow and sell

Borrow and sell. Best thing is - don't even need to pay back.

I am seeing so many sg investment gurus out there selling "snake oil" courses by borrowing textbook investing ideas, ranging from Value investing to (a more recent ad that I saw on Youtube) Barbell strategy.

Perhaps there will be crypto trading or "value crypto investing" courses ads popping up next. Just that there aren't many "famous ideas" out there to borrow for cryptos currently. 

The time might come when crypto has reached super euphoria and more mainstream (I hope we are approaching soon) phase. As it will be easier for the gurus to sell their courses to "bei kambing", make themselves sound more believable and then squeeze more money from it. 

But, but, but these gurus are NOT the ones who truly made tons of money from what they preach. Eh?

They got rich by "borrowing ideas / theories" and packaging them into something sellable to the masses. They got rich with YOUR money!

Want FOC investing ideas? Simple...

Start reading some books and blogs today.

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  1. Waiting for market crashes to invest big is also Barbell investing strategy. No?

    1. hi Uncle8888,

      Crash only happens once in a blue moon, unless the snake oils can teach people how to pray for it. It cannot be a strategy that can be implemented at any random time point.

  2. Rainbow girl,

    And I thought this post is about borrowing shares to sell short...


    Oh, don't let the fisherman smoke you.

    Waiting for market crashes to invest big is a Market Timing Strategy.

    Have you noticed in our community, many like to "invent" their own definitions of everything!?

    These people...

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Borrow shares to sell must cover back later. This one no need, plus low barrier of entry (no margin call whatsoever!).

      Oh yes, that's market timing strategy exactly! :P

      "Invent" their own definitions? Copy gurus is it? Haha


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