Blue-black chips & losers “龙虎榜”

Many years ago I have done a post on "blue-black chips list". This round I haven't done the blue-black chips list yet. Will do up one when I think the market has bottomed, although the ranks should be quite different this round and there have been quite a few of replacement of companies in the index.

To remind myself of how scary the current bear is, I have compiled a list of my own blue-black chips and losers “龙虎榜”. The plunge was fast from the start of March, it's almost like the stocks have climbed to a cliff point and just bungee-jumped.

man bungee jumping
Image credit: Anoof on Unsplash

Company name Last price done Total chg. to date %
Silverlake Axis Ltd 0.25 -47.27%
Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust 0.43 -42.74%
First Real Estate Investment Trust 0.61 -42.45%
Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust 0.735 -36.64%
OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust 0.325 -36.52%
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited 0.535 -31.85%
ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited 1.46 -30.23%
Genting Singapore Limited 0.58 -29.70%

Top losers in % are highlighted in red font. Thank goodness they are not substantial positions.

Biggest absolute amount losers are SLA and CDG. Both because I averaged up when they were in raging bull period. (I shouldn't have just sat on my profits then!)

Falling knife caught - ThaibevGenting and SLA (bought again after plunge).


I could justify the mega price plunge in all of the above (due to their sector hit) except for SLA.
Even with a plunge in ringgit, I don't see how it's banking software business can be badly hit. Is it just panic selling by speculators? Or maybe I don't understand it's underlying business enough.

Overall portfolio tanked 22% (loss on absolute capital since inception). If count in yield, it is not in loss. More ammo on standby mode for next month.

From now on it's Panadol-taking time until the Covid pandemic blows over.

Trading update:

Lost back some of the gains I took from Treasury Bond 20+ (TLT) as a result of it's plunge last week only to see a rebound on Fri after I stopped loss. This is due to the FED's commitment to buy Treasury bonds, which later became unlimited Treasury bonds. (I should have seen it coming. Sigh.)

Read: Toilet rolls and Treasury bonds tell the same panicked story (FT)

Failing to short the rebound of stocks, I concluded that my left hand fighting skills need much improvement. So instead of seeing big gains (from CFD), my portfolio is back to the same level from the beginning of this year despite being very undulant. Disappointing.

Round 2?

Now waiting for wonderful companies (in the US) to get beaten down to wonderful prices, not just fair prices before entry.

"It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

The impact on businesses have not yet been fully realized as this seems like only the start for the pandemic crisis in US and Europe. We are not sure how much have been priced in for the dip at this point given an inevitable drop in forward earnings. So let's be patient.


Sit tight for those who are in the same ride and stay safe.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. You have just shown uncle Temp that average up in theory may not work until we learn how to realize profits and keep them safe to play again

  2. Rainbow girl,

    1. Average down or average up are ENTRIES.

    Entries only determine UNREALISED gains or losses.

    2. EXITS determine REALISED losses or gains ;)

    You got some trading DNA. I think you know the achilles heel of most retail "investors" ;)

    Got price alerts and plans for entries. Zero alerts or plans for exits???

    Seen anyone sharing if STI hits 3200, they will exit X%; and at STI 3500, exit Y%? (Sound of crikets)

    Yes, selling is a lot harder.

    When its unrealised, we can spin all sorts of stories and lies to ourselves... Suddenly, investing has become "faith-based"... Just believe, pray, and hope...

    As for panadols, you know how I feel about them. I much prefer a short and sharp pain over using pain killers to dull a long suffering headache that may or may not go away ;)

    Once a position is REALISED, its rubber hits the road time. NOUNS (trader, investor) don't matter as its all about ADJECTIVES - profitable, money-losing, skilled, incompetent, etc...

    I'm not smart enough to be Chinese helicopter. I only know to fly, birds and aeroplanes have 2 wings ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      What drive the action of entries and exits:

      1. Entries - based on conviction / faith / hope

      2. Exits - based on fear / panic

      If exits are based on set stop losses, that is mechanical not humanly-emotion-driven exit.

      When traders or investors (you are right, they are just nouns of two sects with the same objective really) rely too much on their "gut-feel" (emotions), that is when losses brew.

      "Seen anyone sharing if STI hits 3200, they will exit X%; and at STI 3500, exit Y%? (Sound of crikets)"
      ...Cos investors don't use "take profit point", they go for "the long haul". Hold long enough and surely the market will rebound.

      No fear!


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