You would start reducing waste if the world collapsed

This post is inspired when I caught news about a girl called Greta Thunberg from a couple of weeks ago. She is a Swedish teenage climate activist and the founder of FridaysForFuture
Watch the TED video of her valiant speech below.

Nothing out of ordinary for this climate change topic, I am just both amused and impressed that a young girl can feel so strongly for the cause. There are a number of debates out there on whether climate changes are a result of mankind's doings or just the course of nature. However, we already know for a fact that human depletion of mother earth's resources is going to make future generations suffer. Pollution of the environment (eg. plastics in the oceans, nuclear wastes on lands) is going to destroy nature and deteriorate human health. Increase in volume of non-biodegradable waste is going to take up our living spaces, create toxic gases when burnt and waste more energy for recycling - regardless whether all these cause climate issues or not.

When we choose to put our personal convenience and comfort before "the greater good', we don't get penalized by the society, at least for now. We failed to imagine that when our actions get multiplied by a hundred times, a thousand times, a million-billion times... by others like us all over the world, it would add up to be a gargantuan force. If we know something is bad, take social responsibility and do our part to remedy. It will add up in our lifetime and become a positive gargantuan force eventually.

Human are funny creatures, we get pushed by pain. When something hit our pain points, only then we will move - that's why fines and whips are more powerful than carrots. Since the time-bombs are not yet imminent, we have no (psychological or gov-imposed) "carrot" nor "whip". We can only act through conscience and self-motivation, and usually that is made easier by group think (you know the "your-friend-do-it-you-will-do-it" thing). Likewise, this also applies to other things like our saving, spending and debt habits.


Some of my thoughts on how we could be reducing waste, when....

we can have toothbrushes that come with refillable heads so that the plastic handle can be reused

we redistribute/ reuse the parts of daily use plastic items (Eg. caps of tube-form cream, plastic toiletry containers, bottle pump heads)

everybody brings their own shopping bags and metal straws? 
(Hey who invented straw for soft drinks anyway? Straw is only good for sucking the pearls out of bubble tea and nothing else!)

we bring our own containers to 'da bao' food stuff

#SaveTheEarth   #ZerowasteSG

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