Weekend brain food II

Good readings are like old adage - they never go outdated but market news do. What I am reading this weekend:

"Over-reliance on flawed models has hurt people over and over and over again. Beware of geeks bearing formulas!"

"It's ironic that at the time time Neff published his book in 1999, one of the greatest investment bubbles in history was approaching its climactic end point. In the book's final chapter titled 'De Ja Vu', Neff noted the S&P500 was trading at 28 times offering just a 1% yield. And although, Neff could not see the typical warning signs he looked for, [capital expenditures, inventories and consumer debt] he recognized the risks..."

"The most important piece of information when buying a stock (or any asset) is — the price you pay. That’s right. Even with bad management, terrible growth, and bad profitability, there exists some price, possibly a negative price (i.e. I pay you to own it), at which every asset would be a good investment. All the other aspects of an investment will fail you if you pay the wrong price..."

"On a serious note, you can talk about cutting expenses all you want, but it’s income that builds wealth.  If you ever heard someone or some doctors say they saved 80% of their after-tax income and then you find out they made easily over $300k, their “sacrifice” is superficial..."

Luckin Coffee: A Bet On Dynamic Pricing In New Retail

"To improve its operating cost side, dynamic pricing can help transfer the delivery cost to its users through a smart order-rider matching based on location. On the other hand, to improve the revenue side, Luckin will be able to essentially pinpoint its highest-valued customers in terms of recurring spending during any particular marketing campaign, and to offer relevant loyalty deals or new products as a cross-sell opportunity..."


9 Ways to Be a Great Team Member

"...Energy Vampires sabotage teams and complaining is like vomiting. Afterwards you feel better but everyone around you feels sick."
"Create more positive interactions. Praise more. Encourage more. Appreciate more. Smile more. High-five more. Recognize more. Energize more..."

Stop Feeling Busy: 8 Tips to Manage Your Time and Get More Done

Unsuccessful People Focus On “The Gap.” Here’s What Successful People Focus On

"If you measure your current-self against your ideal, you’ll never be happy because there will always be a gap. If you measure your current-self against your previous-self — where you were when you set your goals (and even before) — you’ll experience happiness, satisfaction, and confidence..."

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  1. Do some people still believe in free delivery?

    1. Hi Uncle8888,
      They were led into believing that it's free!

  2. thanks :D what a great content u have recipes for dinner


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