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The Year 2018 in Review: A Mountain of Question Marks

Why 2019 could be very good for stocks, after worst year in a decade


We don't know what 2019 will bring for us but we should keep ourselves well-prepared, whether be it for the bull (war chest for fire) or the bear (get ready to short or move assets into defensive sectors). 

I ended my last trade of 2018 with a measly +$6 (my pair trade was overly in sync). My 2019 trading objective is simply not to make the same disastrous mistakes that I have made this year. I won't attribute them to bad luck because I define bad luck as 'unfortunate events that happened beyond my control'. To avoid over-trading and getting 'addicted' to always be in a position, I have decided to use less of margin in my strategy now on, unless the risk-reward is really really compelling. Another reason is because margin trading costs eat heavily into the profits.

My other objectives for this year would be to build more meaningful relationships, continue to learn new things (I know my Think & Grow Rich review is way overdue), explore ways to save time and money so I can be a 'lazy winner'.

Everywhere I see articles about saving money but few talk about how we can save time, when time = money. Some daily changes which I have already made to save time are as follow

1) use my POSB credit card to auto reload my Ezlink (Citibank card also has admin fee waived)
2) wear no-ironing needed clothing (or else learn how to iron a shirt/blouse in 2 minutes)
3) use visa paywave / master paypass / paynow /giro, basically whatever non-cash payment modes I have, as far as possible, to save the hassle of counting money or issuing cheque
4) de-cluttering the Konmari way so that I can find my things more easily
5) Listen to podcasts when ironing and folding clothes or when taking public transports

Investment wise, I will continue to purchase stocks under my radar when the right opportunities arise. My portfolio overall ended with a modest gain. I have recently installed a new mobile app called Jstock. It is simple enough to use with price alerts (my number 1 criteria), charts and it can also display associated news for the stocks that I am watching. How cool.

For dividends watching I am using this website - which I find much friendlier than the SGX website, as I can get the data I want with minimal number of clicks.

A side track here, I am wondering if there is a service exchange app specifically for Singapore. Something like an interactive application where user A can request for something and see if user B can fulfil for a price. Leave a comment below if you know of a (reliable) one. Thanks in advance.

Happy New Year 2019 folks! :)

"Baby steps to earn money is good, so we won't be complacent. 
Earning some money is better than not earning any money. And not earning money is better than losing money."

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  1. For Ezlink why not go with Account Based Transaction using any Mastercard or Visa? Mastercard over 1 year already, and Visa just joined.

    No need to top up at all.

    And rides currently count towards cashback & transactions for those jump-thru-hoops savings accounts.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I have a propensity of losing my ezlink card, so I shall just stick to auto-reload of my credit card to my ezlink card for now. :)


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