The typical image of a warrior that comes to mind is a strong, glam-armorous, sabre-wielding figure.

Successful warriors need to train hard (maybe have good mentors too). They need ample resources (for good weaponry and defences). They need the brawns and the brains. Not everyone have the aptitude and grit to become a warrior, even if one claims to have the 'warrior spirit'.

When we liken entrepreneurs to warriors - strong, glam-armorous, sabre-wielding... we didn't know that the path to successful entrepreneurship is actually like this

Not glamorous at all, right?

They have to work harder than the farmers.

They have to be more prudent than the monks.

And risk getting killed in the battlefield.

After many rounds in the battlefield (where many warriors throw up their white flags), we have the successful, lucky, rare, talented ones who eventually wow the world, leave behind a legacy and retire early.

Maybe I can be a warrior one day too?

Or will I want to be?

Read too the interesting short story by M15HWW - The Monk, The Warrior And The Farmers

* "Business is not like a battlefield where you die and I win. In business, even if you die, I may not win." 
- Jack Ma

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  1. I thought you prefer pot of Gold at the end of Rainbow?

    1. Wa Uncle8888 so fast leave comment, my post still piping hot from oven and not yet put decorations haha.
      Yup... my pot of gold is still nowhere to be seen. :(


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