What swimming taught me about investing

  • Investing is pretty much like taking a plunge. Swim or sink.
  • I could rely on others to keep me afloat, for a while, but not forever.
  • People can set different goals and pace for themselves (I don't need to be like everyone else).
  • The end of a lap always seems very far away (as I am short-sighted, I can hardly see it) when I started out. With consistency and perseverance, I will eventually reach the other end.
  • I swim in the style I am most comfortable and adept in. It may not be the fastest stroke but it should definitely be one that keeps me afloat and moving. Yeah, it's very much each to his own.
  • Strength and stamina will determine how fast and how I you can go. Just like in investing, 3Ms is my strength and account size is my stamina.
  • Lots of time and practice are needed to build both strength and stamina.
  • Conserve energy if I want to do more laps.
We can choose to swim in a peaceful swimming pool, we can choose to swim in the sea. We can choose to invest in boring, constant return instruments or we can choose high volatility ones that could potentially generate high returns.

Wherever it is, stay afloat and keep progressing. :)


  1. One risk is leg cramps while swimming in deep pool.

    1. Hi Uncle8888,
      If there is a tendency for leg cramp, then stay in shallow pool.

  2. 彩虹姐,

    I am a leisure swimmer. As long as I have average returns (e.g. 5%), I am satisfied.

    1. Hi UN,

      No need to call me 姐 la, I am not very much older (than you) I think.

      Average return of 5% is not bad at all! It is more than enough to beat inflation. Looks like stress-free investing is the way to go for you. :)


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