My sad story of Aztech and Bakertech I

Today I am in a story-telling mood and decided to share my investment story of few years back to remind myself and young investors out there to be more prudent. In what way? You shall find out.

1. The Aztech story

Why I invested in Aztech?

Cos I chanced upon some juicy analysis post from a veteran finance blogger at that time on how wonderful are the company's producing and how good the potential earning of the company's going to be, why he chose to invest etc. So I decided to invest in the shares in year 2010.

What happened?

The share price of Aztech dropped over the years as business was not going well and its dividends had been negligible (no 'panadol' to ease my headache). There was a period when I thought that its earning was recovering (I recalled there was an article by Songsinger-ley Fool about it being a small conglomerate with good diversification) and bought in some more at $0.13.

#Diversification or Diworsification?

Foolish me indeed! That is epic of what we call 'throwing good money after bad money'.

Subsequently, the company underwent a price consolidation (10-for-1 in Mar 2015) but instead of sustaining, it's stock price just saw more room for plunge. Ticker name changed to AVZ.


It got mandated to delist from SGX at the beginning of this year. I have cut my loses completely, albeit too late, in year 2015 and year 2016 at the price of $0.655 and $0.43 respectively. Average loss was about 70% from total purchase price.

Just now I happened to chance upon this in a forum - Help! Aztech Group

To be continued... My sad story of Aztech and Bakertech II



  1. If am not wrong this veteran finance blogger has sold Aztech. Right?


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