Dividends harvesting time again

Here comes the time of the year for harvesting dividends. Yay!

I wonder if that is why people 'sell in May and go away' other than the summer holiday...

A refresher on what is an ex-dividend date:

Where can you find the ex-dividend date on SG stocks?
Here http://www.sgx.com/wps/portal/sgxweb/home/company_disclosure/stockfacts
Find the stock and click on the Dividend tab.

Even though receiving dividends do excite me, I have learnt to be prudent about 'chasing' the so-called dividend stocks. Read The Dividend Trap.


I really shouldn't have sold some of my Keppel shares so early on the rebound and now I missed collecting those dividends.

Even though Keppel's dividend has been going south, it's better than nothing since my holdings are still in the red.  THAT is the problem of buying on the decline (catching a falling knife). Have to take Panadol to ease the "loss pain".

Why I didn't go and read on Trend Trading earlier?



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