Stocks app review - Call Levels

There are many Android apps which monitor stock prices and show stock charts but I could hardly find one that gives you Price Alert feature. Call levels (I came to know about it from a DBS Vickers ad) is a mobile app that would alert you when any stocks you chose hits a certain price. It has a simple and clean interface that shows you nothing else on screen but the price of the stocks that you are following. Upon reaching your keyed in price, it will automatically alert you via mobile notification. You could also choose to receive the alerts via email notification.

The call prices would be consolidated at the bottom, together with the time and date of when they are reached. You could delete them away then add new stock prices to monitor by touching the '+' icon. The only limitation is that it only allows you to key in a few stocks to monitor each time. However, you can get a higher limit when you refer this app to friends.

I only use it to monitor stocks from SGX but it could also be used to monitor US equities, forex and a few others.

Do you know of any other mobile app that alerts you when the stock you want to monitor hits a certain price? If so, please share it in the comment here.

I was trying to write this blog post on a mobile app called Speechnotes. It managed to capture my speech accurately 70% of the time. Maybe it does not take Singaporean accent very well haha.


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