Happy Monkey Year 2016!

If you are bored this new year (like me), let me introduce to you an addictive monkey game available on Window 10 and iOS called Bloons TD Battles.

This is a great game to teach you and your kids on resource management. It is fun and quick to play with no test on patience (oh I hate those games that drag on and on).

Basically you start off the game with some cash to buy monkey towers (you will earn more cash as the game progresses). The objective is to clear as many levels as possible by popping balloons with your towers - with each increasing level, the balloon types get harder to pop. For every balloon that escapes from your terrain, you lose a life. When you lose all 150 lives, you lose. That is why it is called "Tower defense". In 'assault' play or battle mode, you could match against somebody and deploy sabotages in the fury balloon popping battles. The monkey towers which you chose at the start of the game and how you place / deploy them are crucial in winning the game.

In case players get bored with 1 map, the game allows to play a variety of route maps with different backdrops which differ in route pattern and length. This in turn would result in different tower combo use and deployment methods for winning the game.

There's an enclopedia about the game here: http://bloons.wikia.com/wiki/Bloon

Bloons also teaches us the importance of the following...

  • First mover advantage
  • Warchest deployment
  • Diversification

Round 34 is the max I have gotten to before I get snubbed by the crazy M.O.A.B's attacks. If you could go beyond this level, please let me know what's your strategy.

Happy monkey-ing!

And Huat ah! :)


  1. Yeah CNY isn't really my thing, and I love TD games! Happy holidays :)



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