My new book from Book

Ordered 'The five rules for Successful Stock Investing' by Pat Dorsey on 17 Aug. I saw that this book was highly recommended by a few finance bloggers and have personally borrowed it from NLB previously. The book was sent out 19 Aug (BD will email saying that item is on the way) and I received it on 3 Sep. The book came nicely packaged in a carton box-like parcel.

Quite happy with the purchase experience overall except the late delivery (website says to SG is 5-9 working days but I have waited beyond that duration).

There's no delivery charge, so what you see on the website is what you pay. No hassle at all.

Price wise is reasonable too and may be cheaper than what we could get at local sg bookshops. (I couldn't find this Pat Dorsey book anywhere in the local mall bookshops and I saw Kinokuniya is selling at a higher price than BD.)

Shall find time soon to read it again in more detail and dig out more 'gems' from it.



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